April 8, 2013


The moment you agree to go out on your first date.
The moment you realize you fell in love with the most incredible guy.
The moment you realize you had your first real fight.
The moment he asks you to marry him.
The moment you graduate college and realize you have a fancy-pants degree. 
The moment of your first kiss.
The moment you say "I DO" and marry the love of you life. 
The moment you find out you are pregnant.
The moment they place that precious little one into your arms.
The moment you are able to sooth and console you child and realize you are a parent now.
The moment your mama-bear protective instinct kicks in and you will do anything to protect your child.
The moment you pray for God's blessings over the life of this little guy.
It all seared into memory forever. Those precious and unforgettable moments that take your breath away and absolutely knock the socks of your feet. You want to put life on pause and just stand there admiring the beauty of it all, but life moves on and everyday life takes over.
That's why remembering all these events either through pictures, cards, notes, letters or journals is so important. So when you are about 90 years old surrounded by your many many grandchildren, you can look at those keepsakes and tell them the stories. 

pleated poppy

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  1. Adorable! Y'all are too cute! That bow tie?! I die!!



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