April 23, 2014

Currently Loving {Links Around The Web} + Link Up

1. How cool are these pictures?! No, really, take a look.

2. No matter what Gwyneth or people say, this is a joke with a side of complete disrespect for marital vows!

3. I love a classic LBD with minimal accessories, so this girl is my Fashionista Of The Week!

4. Have you ever had the urge to paint a couch?

5. I love crepes! Who doesn't? This is another great recipe to try. Yum.

6. Smoked salmon frittata bites anyone? Yes, please.

7. Famous place from above. Breathtaking!

8. Need some cheap duds? Here's some cool things priced under twenty bucks - that's a steal.

9. This girl flew with a 9 month old. In my books she's Mama Of The Week!

10. Want in on J.Crew's styling ideas? Here are some insider tips.


  1. Really loved the LBD look too!! And that "uncoupling" thing is one of the craziest concepts I've ever heard of. If you divorce and have children you shouldn't be hateful to each other but going on a retreat to divorce sounds nuts to me!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  2. Thanks for sharing all these amazing links, Anna. I love Kimberly's, Fran's and Katie's blogs and styles. FYI, I flew with my baby girl for the first time when she was 5 months old and not just any flight, we flew from Europe to US so that was a big challenge.

    The recipes are yummy. I too love crepes... and salmon. And that article about divorce - crazy! But I especially loved all those awesome 20 things under twenty bucks. The Joe Fresh line at JC Penney is so beautiful and well-priced.

    My pleasure linking up some of the things I am loving lately. Hope you had a great weekend, Ada.

  3. Great links... thanks for sharing....

  4. that's for including me!! and that painting a couch recap? what a nightmare!!


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