July 1, 2016

Why I Quit Fashion Blogging

Hello  everyone! If you have been a follower of my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I stopped blogging at the beginning of this year.
Why you ask?
Here is the bottom line: it's not worth it!
Let me explain.

When I was starting out, I desperately wanted to be the lucky one of the few who 'made it' in the blogging world. I wanted to have the million dollar house, the fancy shoes and expensive handbags. Yes, I did try to make this a business and to tell you the truth it was going pretty well. My last month of blogging I made some money and got some cool sponsorships. And then? Then I quit.

I quit because it was consuming my life.
Blogging is not just a job you do and then close your computer and go to bed. It's a 24/7 type of thing where you have to be present on all social media. If there's social media outlet your name better be there. If there is an event for all the bloggers, you better be there. If there is a new trend, you better be wearing it the minute it comes out and not buy it on sale two seasons later. If there is a hashtag, you better know about it and use it on all social media. It is simply exhausting to keep up the appearances and chase after something that's ever-changing and so insignificant.

Let's face it, clothes matter so very little in a person's life.

No one will remember what I wore this day, or that (except maybe my wedding) but people do remember what you did for them and how much time you invested in them.

Being a Christian and a fashion blogger is simply impossible. I tried to reason in my mind that I will inspire Christian girls to dress modestly and to look classy. And although that may be true, if the heart of a person is not right, no amount of modest dressing will save them. Their life is much more precious in Jesus's eyes to care about how modest or immodest they look. Saving a life is what matters.

Can you imagine if Jesus came to this Earth to change how we look and what we do? How much would that help us? We would be very proper and well dressed people still going to hell.
I'm not saying that those things are not important but what's more important is relationship with Jesus.

Relationship with Jesus is everything.

Blogging was consuming my life and slowly pushing Jesus out. I couldn't talk about what touched my heart on Sunday or witness to someone, while trying to sell you everything possible. Look here is a cute dress, and those nice sandals I have, don't you want  to have what I have? Go buy it now. Never mind that you are in debt or have to pay bills, or maybe can't even afford food. I will make my life look so attractive and so pretty that you can't resist to buy what I have, which will benefit me. And you? I don't care about that.
That's the attitude of fashion bloggers world.

My primary goal in life is to have a relationship with the Lord that reaches others for Christ and fashion world does not allow that. On the contrary, it does everything to distract and destroy that.
I was living, eating and breathing blogging which wasn't doing anything for people in the light of eternity. It wasn't inspiring anyone to have a passion for Christ and was making the trivial things of life (like clothes) the most important.
Don't get me wrong, I still like to dress pretty and modest but it is not my goal in life.
I love my Jesus and want to live my life so it shows just how much He means to me.
Hope you can join me in living the life of stepping out on faith and having a burning passion for Him, because Jesus really is worth it all.

P.S. Also those faces above! They are worth all my time, effort and money spent. They grow up so fast and I don't want to miss them growing up because I was chasing after the wrong thing.

March 14, 2016

Jonathan's 3rd Birthday Party {Construction Theme}

And just like that my little boy turned 3 YEARS OLD! Where did the time go? Honestly. Also, somehow it took me a month to post this and now I wonder how I had the time to do this every day!?

It was such a blast to plan a birthday party for my boy because he really enjoyed taking part in making the cake and setting everything up. He begged me to help with the cake and couldn't wait for everyone to show so he can 'play' with it. 
I didn't want to throw a huge family affair where he would be bored but invited more kids then adults. Also, I went with a simple brunch menu and cake for dessert. Everyone loved the cake and enjoyed the party! It was short but sweet and more then anything he can't stop talking about the cake and all the boys and girls that came over.

Spinach and artichoke quiche 
Ham and Swiss panini
Turkey and Asiago panini 
French toast casserole 
Hot crab salad on crostini
Dump truck cake

Plates, cups, forks, construction paper, - Dollar Store
Caution Tape - Home Depot
Balloons, black gumballs, goodies bags, hard hat - Party City
Signs, candy rocks for the cake - Hobby Lobby

December 24, 2015

Christmas Card

It's Christmas Eve and we are so ready to celebrate the birth of our Jesus! We have been so busy and just tired (from lack of sleep) with the addition of our little girl (you mamas of multiples rock!). It's been an amazing and trying year. We had so many changes, and yet so many blessings! Thank you so much for another wonderful year and for growing my blog with me - it's been surreal having my wishes come true. Nevertheless, this blog has taken a huge amount of time to grow and sustain, which left me drained and exhausted. I'm so happy to have achieved this far and I will be taking a break from blog for a little bit. I need to refocus and recharge, as well as find out what's in store for next year. Till next time!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

December 18, 2015

Gift Guide {Last Minute}

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Can you believe Christmas is next Friday? A week from now everyone will be opening their presents and kids will be jumping with excitement. If you are still wondering and scratching your head for gifts, here is a quick last minute gift guide... Everything from beauty products to useful things like earbuds! Have a great weekend !

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