Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Currently Loving {Links Around The Web} + Link Up

1. How cool are these pictures?! No, really, take a look.

2. No matter what Gwyneth or people say, this is a joke with a side of complete disrespect for marital vows!

3. I love a classic LBD with minimal accessories, so this girl is my Fashionista Of The Week!

4. Have you ever had the urge to paint a couch?

5. I love crepes! Who doesn't? This is another great recipe to try. Yum.

6. Smoked salmon frittata bites anyone? Yes, please.

7. Famous place from above. Breathtaking!

8. Need some cheap duds? Here's some cool things priced under twenty bucks - that's a steal.

9. This girl flew with a 9 month old. In my books she's Mama Of The Week!

10. Want in on J.Crew's styling ideas? Here are some insider tips.

Spring Cleaning Tips

This maybe hard to believe but I go through my closet every season and get rid of stuff I don't wear. I try to wear *everything* I have and things that I don't, leave and never come back. I either give it to my sister, send a package to my relatives overseas or bring it to Salvation Army. Either way, I start with a clean slate every season. 
I have found that by doing that I keep my closet free of clutter and easy to navigate. I sort by color and types of clothes. Here is a peak at my recent closet clean out and some ideas on how to get your closet organized.

First of all, I dump everything out of my closet. Then I inspect, try on and look over things I want to put back into the closet.
 Items that go back into the closet:
1. Clean 
2. Current season (tees for summer, sweaters for winter)
3. Free of stains, tears and without missing buttons
4. Worn at least once last season
5. Heirlooms, designer pieces and items of sentimental value
-  laundry pile if applies with #2-4

Items that get tossed:
1. Have never been worn/don't remember the last time I worn it
2. Hate it 
3. Meh (Maybe I will wear it once - it was such a steal)

Can't do without the trouble maker with peanut butter stained lips.

Work out and home clothes get folded (read squished) into a bin with shorts and t-shirts.

I love myself a nice soft pajamas. In fact, I'm sitting in them right now, as I type this post. Fashion has nothing on a fleece PJs! Those go into a bin also.

Finding space for belts was the hardest. I have folded them, stuffed them in a box and rolled them up before but somehow they would end up in one giant pile of mess. Nothing worke as well as this Ikea find. I think it was meant for scarves but worked just as well for belts.

I fold all my knit dresses and skirts because they tend to stretch out when hang. 
Apparently I'm fond of orange. 

Also I fold casual pants (like the collection of jean shorts I hoard), tees, hoodies and other non-dressy items

A few spring jackets for every occasion - bright, floral, stripes and white/beige get hung in the other section

Next I organize my tops. I start with short sleeves and sort by color. I find it easiest to have the colors grouped together because my eyes are naturally drawn to the selections much better then if I had them in a mix. I would not be able to find anything.

Next there are dress (and I obviously like blue/green/teal). Again, color coded, clean and ready to be worn

Lastly, there are skirts. Oh my, how love this collection of bright and cheerful skirts. I wear a lot of them and posses each in almost every color and length - from church to going out. 

I have very limited space (read tiny closet) so keeping it organized and fully functioning is the key. I hang everything that's easily wrinkles and expensive, as well as dressy. The rest of the clothes get folded or stuffed into a bin.

Last but not least, at the bottom of my shelves I have the shoes. Ahhhhh! It's a very humble (depends who's looking at it, I guess) collection of highly functional and cute duds. 

I hope you got inspired to clean out your closet and make sure that this spring you are ready to mix and wear everything you have. Sometimes, it's just a matter of organizing and getting everything where it needs to be -readily accessible and within reach. 
Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Favorites :: Style Challenge

The Real Arnolds Blog

Feminine Modesty Blog

Thank you to all who entered in Spring Favorites Style Challenge! 

It was a lot of fun getting different pictures but only those with said requirements made it to the publish button. I have so much fun remixing and wearing my favorite items. I hope you get inspired and visit these girls' blogs because they are cool, fun and have interesting blogs.

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