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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Floral Pop

top: Sheinside (under $10), cardigan: Target, scarf: similar here (on sale!) & here,
jeans: J.Crew, bag: Kate Spade, booties: similar here & here, watch: Kate Spade (on sale!)
I'm so sick and tired of winter that I'm protesting the latest snow storm with (almost) spring outfit. Bright colors and gorgeous florals are asking to come out of my closet! I cannot wait for this snow to melt and cold to go away. On that note, never mind me while I get sick after taking these outfit photos in negative temperatures. Don't tell my mom. Also, don't let me do it again. Hope you are having a great week!

Here are some of my most glam and dreamy picks!

xo, Anna

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Designer Look Alike For Less

Who hasn't drooled over the Valentino rock stud trend? Sure the fashion house has made every single accessory item with rock studs but it doesn't seem to slow down. From the previous fascination with Rock Stud Heels we have  jumped into bags. Or maybe I'm just catching up with the times. In any case, if you have been drooling over the studded bags but cannot bite the price tag, here are some alternative options for you. All at a (very) reasonable price.

This Prada Tote has been on my Wishlist for a while. That is why when I saw a very similar in structure bag by Ralph Lauren, I knew I had to have it. It's a classic with a thick leather and solid design that won't go out of style. I have not had a purchase that I loved so much and that fit my personal style so well. I have worn it more than I can count! A brown satchel/tote is a must in any girl's closet. And if you are aiming at the lowest end of the spectrum, Target is always happy to provide cheap alternative ($34). 

I saved the best for last - the shoes. Who hasn't admired these heels by Valentino? Who didn't ever think about one day buying them? Well, guilty as charged. Here are some affordable alternatives that will make other fashionistas turn their heads. Snatch them up before they are gone! 


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Enjoy the shopping!
xo, Anna

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor Toddler Activities

Winter is long and brutal around these parts of the world. Most of the time we are indoors because it's either too cold or we are stricken with another disease. Although there were times when we actually ventured out and left a few footprints on the snow. It's fun and tiring at the same time. When we are indoors we try to stay busy with different kinds of activities but I wouldn't say we are extremely creative. Most of the time new and unusual things will keep Jonathan occupied for a long time. For example a 3 foot Styrofoam bendable cable that daddy had left over from one of the projects is a substitute for a stick - it's soft and safe, he can fall and play with it as he wants.
Her are some other ideas


Build a Fort: kids love nothing more than small spaces they can crawl in and out of. They love forts and those aren't hard to make. Just grab couple chairs and old blankets and make a fun day of play inside

Finger Paint
This might involve a little more work and a lot more supervision but kids love it. Finger paint is cheap and can be purchased at Dollar Store or any craft store. They love to get their hands dirty and making a colorful splash on paper will be beyond exciting

Jump Over Mountain
Jonathan is constantly building huge piles out of pillows and blankets on the bed or on the floor. He loves jumping on them and because it is soft, it's quite safe. Just make sure to supervise if it's on the bed because they loose orientation quickly and can fall right off.

Balloons: every kid (and adult) loves playing with balloons. They are a cheap and fun entertainment that won't annoy you for long and you can be sure will keep the kids occupied. Grab different colored balloons and blow them up to fill a whole room. Play to your heart's content and then pop them when you are done. 


Sledding: grab some sleds and make snow tracks. Although the temperatures may be freezing the kids won't be cold because they are constantly moving and enjoying it. Plus they will sleep so much better after getting some fresh air

Ice Skating: grab some skates and drag that kid on the ice. Chances are, he/she will like it. It is tiring and physically exhausting activity for both parents and kids so there won't be any fighting about bed time.

Walking: bundle up and take a walk. It seems like a lot of work because you have to put on a million layers first on your child than on your self but they will enjoy a change of scenery

Visit the Library: most public libraries have a children't section. It's free and it's fun, with new books and pals to play. What could be better? 

Hardware Store Lessons: most hardware stores offer Saturday morning classes for toddlers and up in which they have many hands on activities. It's free and all you have to do is sign up.

How do you battle winter boredom? What's your trick to keeping toddlers occupied? 

Thank you for stopping by
xo, Anna 

xo, Anna 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Felt Anemone Spring Wreath {DIY}

I know that many of you still have snow mile high around them but I'm so excited for spring. Officially I'm getting in spring mood after March 1st and don't care how much it snows after that. So the first step to driving winter temperatures away is dressing up your front door - maybe winter will get the idea and get the heck outta here! But seriously, I couldn't wait to get started.

For the wreath I used green burlap, wrapping in overlapping motion to make sure that the spacing is somewhat equal. I glued the beginning of the strip and went around making sure that it's very tight until very end and glued the end. If you have dealt with burlap, you will know that it's pain in the rear because it's a very sparse material. Do your best. Place the glue on the wreath and burlap on top while holding it down with scissors or the glue gun. DO NOT try to hold it down with hands - you will get burned. (Take it from someone who says 'ouch' a lot). Next the flowers.

For the flowers, I followed the Felt Anemone Tutorial at Something Turquoise blog and was so pleased with the result. Their simple and cute idea was just what I needed for this wreath. I didn't want to go any other route once I saw how beautiful these flowers are. Take your time with the first one and then you can speed through with the rest.

2 sheets of pink felt (1.5"x 2" pieces)
5 strips of grey felt (1' wide)
5 fuzzy poms
hot glue gun
glue sticks

***1 sheet of pink felt makes 3 flowers, I used 4 petals for the top row and 6 petals for the bottom

And done! Make sure to save the link or PIN one of the images to your PINTEREST board for future references. You know, when the snow actually melts and you want it to look like spring!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope I got your creative juices flowing.

xo, Anna 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring 2015 Must Have Shoes

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

It's almost spring and that means, it's time to get your pretty shoes out. A lot of the trends are new this season but more are here to stay from last season.  The cut outs trend is definitely making a huge statement this season, with gorgeously cut out flat, booties and sandals.  Also, the gladiator sandals are here to stay but I'm not sure I how I fell about them. I definitely want a pair of cut out ankle but those really nigh sandals aren't my thing. But with the upcoming spring showers and a great thaw, you have to have cute rain boots - the classic that's going to make appearance season after season. I love this mint blue color from New Look and can't wait to get my hands on them, considering they are under $50Another great shoe for transitioning into warmer weather is the Dr. Marten original from UnionJack Boots. With the different colors and pattern, you can pair them with almost anything. How about mixing dressed up looks with New Balance sneakers (also love these and these)? Totally in and so many fashionistas are rocking it.!

What's your favorite shoe trend for this spring?