Friday, January 30, 2015

Things He Says

As Jonathan's vocabulary grows, he is becoming fun, interesting and more adult-like. The things he says at the most unexpected times, are just pure hilarious sometimes.

While pulling a little wooden carriage full of toys, he accidentally runs it into the table.
Jonathan: Oh boy!
Anna: Did you just say ' oh boy'?
Jonathan: Da (Yes in Russian)

As I was making  purple cabbage slaw some of the cabbage ended up on the floor. He comes over from the play room
Jonathan: Oh meeeeeeeess, mama
Anna: Yes dear. Mama will clean it up later.
Proceeds to take his little chair, climbs to find the kitchen towel from the top drawer, then starts wiping the floor
Jonathan (singing): clean up, clean up, everybody do their share

Potty training has finally took off and he hasn't had an accident in a week. As I put him on the potty,
Anna: Go ahead and pee.
Jonathan: I did it. I pee.
Anna: Do you need to go #2?
Jonathan: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes. Mama go. Shut the door.

As I'm pulling out of the driveway
Jonathan: Mama, this way.
Anna: no, Jonathan we are going different way.
Jonathan: No this way!
Anna: We can go that way next time, ok?
Jonathan: OK.

We are all together playing on the couch. Jonathan passes gas and starts laughing hysterically
Anna: Jonathan, was that you?
Jonathan: No. Ummmmmm (thinks for a minute) papa!

He wants me to give him another bottle of milk, before bed time.
Jonathan: more moty (his word for milk)
Anna: no more milk.
Jonathan: why, mama, why?
Anna: because you already had milk. you can't drink too much before bed...blah blah blah
Jonathan: why? why? why?
Anna: (more logical explaining) why am I explaining this to you? (laughing)
Jonathan: I don't know. (in the most grown up voice ever)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Stay Warm in Style

Most of the country is a frozen land right now and those who don't see snow can't call it winter (i'm looking at you Texas). I'm often jealous of bloggers who get mild winter temperatures and can just imply layer their best shirts and sweaters, then throw on a puffer vest and call it a day. However, where I live, one must have all proper essentials for below zero temperatures. So how does one stay warm AND stylish? Here are some examples of winter styles collected from Pinterest, of course (and some with yours truly). 

1. Cognac/brown/riding boots: this is one boot that I consider my winter essential and many other stylish ladies out there seem to favor them too. They are the perfect neutral and can be dressed up or down, jeans or dress they work with everything. 

2. Beanies/ floppy and fur hats: beanie is not only a cold weather accessories it's also a savior for your bad hair day. Throw on a simple black beanie and an oversized scarf and you have half of an outfit. I love hats but it's so hard to find what I want most times. They are either too floppy or too small, too saggy or too tight. Black seems to be the color a lot of ladies favor but brown is also a classic that can work with a lot of things.

3. Puffers: These cold weather must-haves don't seem like statement makers but they can be stylish too. Pick a basic color and add some fun scarves along with statement bags. This is one cold weather garment that will last you for years and you will reach for over and over, plus it's very practical.

 4. Scarves: Honestly, I cannot live without a scarf in winter months and I love the coziness of it. Also it's a great accessory which can change an outfit from blah to 'gorgeous'. Of course, recent obsession with the plaid over sized scarf has over taken the blogosphere but there are other prints out there. No really.  I love bright scarves that add color to any outfit and paired with the same coat make it look like a whole new outfit. Did I mention they add warmth? So the more the merrier.

There you have it. Stay warm and stylish ladies.

xo, Anna

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Wedding {Weddington Way}

dress: Weddington Way (also love this one)
clutch: Nordstrom
hair clip: Overstock 
wrap: Etsy
bracelet: Nordstrom Rack
pumps: French Connection

Hair, Make Up and Flowers

When Weddington Way asked me to style a winter wedding look, I jumped right on board. I love weddings! I love attending them, decorating them and being in them - it always makes me feel nostalgic and romantic. 

Winter weddings are all about drama! If in summer brides tend to gravitate towards bright colors and all shades of pastels, winter is the time to put some dark colors into play. I love the deep purple and grey combination because it has so much character to it. I added gorgeous faux fur wrap (obviously it's a little chilly) and a pretty hair clip to the silver dress Adding a smokey eye make up and dramatic curly locks, finishes the look perfectly. 

How what do you think? Weddings are fun or a huge waste of time and money?

xo, Anna

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Issue of Leggings

cardi: Target
top: LOFT
leggings: Gap
bag: Kate Spade
heels: Zara (similar)
watch: Fossil
In these pictures I'm wearing leggings. GASP! After this post by a Christian blogger who made a personal vow not to ever wear leggings, entire web has exploded with controversy over the issue. There all kinds of responses to the post and even Good Morning America interview. I mean, seriously? A little too much I think. 

Well, after thinking much about it and examining my own views, I decided to share. This post seemed to have been centered around an item of clothing, not the issue of modesty. She shared that her husband's eye were drawn to women's bottoms more when they were wearing leggings. So to honor God and her husband she set off to never wear leggings to not be a temptation. Good cause right? Right. 

If my husband would tell me that his eyes are drawn to a woman's bottom when she wears a tight fitting dress, I will not stop wearing dresses. The same thing for jeans, pants and skirts. You can find really immodest and risqué item of clothing in any department. Granted, when some women wear tights-like leggings which show every detail of their undergarments, it's very inappropriate. And I'm totally against that but I'm not going to say I'm against leggings, or skinny jeans or what not. Some skinny jeans are even more seductive than some leggings. 

The conversation should not be about an item of clothing but immodest apparel in general and that's a wide range of clothing. Also it depends on individual's definition of modesty and their personal relationship with Christ. In the end, if you are convicted as a Christian not to wear something, then don't. Just don't make it seem like people who do wear those items aren't modest. I wear leggings but they are very thick and I always wear longer sweaters or cardigans with them. 

Modesty is a matter of personal relationship with Christ. This article received this much controversy because a lot of people don't see leggings immodest or just don't have modesty standards. That's why we should be talking about a heart issue in our society and not a legging issue. She doesn't have to wear leggings to be seductive. A tight fitting silk dress with high heels will draw more attention than leggings in most cases. Let's be real here. Modesty is only important to us and God when we're doing it from the heart and not just following rules because we have to.

What do you ladies think? I would love to hear your opinion on this.

xo, Anna

Monday, January 26, 2015


blouse: J.Crew (similar)
jeans: J.Crew
bag: Kate Spade
watch: Fossil
booties: similar (also love these)

This is as simple and basic as it gets around here. I stole this blouse from my mom because duh, why didn't I buy it when it was on sale? I love how soft pink is perfect with the jeans and grey, also did I mention it has room for growth? Sorry mom, but I think this one will just have to stay over in my closet for a little while. 

Have a great Monday! 

xo, Anna