Monday, July 21, 2014

And where have you been?

dress: H&M (similar, similar)
sandals: BCBG Paris (via DSW)
bag: Ali Express (similar)

And so it is with a great pleasure I return to this glowing screen. Have I missed it? You bet your sweet behind I did. Did I enjoy my break? Very much. I wasn't even using my PC in the last two weeks and that was a breath of fresh air. Maybe that's why it crashed while I was re-designing the blog layout and unfortunately I wasn't able to go back and size my pictures properly. (Sorry you guys)
I'm coming back to the world wide web with a few changes. First, of course, is the new blog design (I hope you like it). I went with simple layout and mint - the perfect combination. Second, the focus of this blog is making a comeback - living a simple and happy life, while sharing it with you. More on that coming up later. And although you may see less of me, I want to bring better quality posts that are worth your time.
Thank you for sticking with me for this long, or welcome if you are a new reader!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Patriotic (Sort Of)

dress: TJMaxx (1, 2, 3)
bag: Old Navy (12)
shoes: H&M (1, 2)
belt: H&M (similar)
Happy 4th everyone! I feel somewhat sacrilegious wearing the red, white and blue colors. After all, it's a flag of a nation and people gave their lives for it, not just a fashion statement. That's my personal opinion, and yet I still want to join other bloggers in celebrating this holiday. (Just a side note. Why don't we all look like a Christmas tree during holiday season?)
I hope everyone enjoys their three day weekend and gets some rest. I will be celebrating with family and taking the next week off from blogging. It's our anniversary and I'm doing a 5K run, so need to train and plan some festivities. It's been a long time since I took a break but I think I need it. I'm thinking about changing direction and re-branding, or even quitting all together. Not sure what the next step is and what God has for me at this point but I do know that there more important things out there than outfits. I love dressing well and showing ladies how to be modest and fashionable but maybe that's not my thing in life. As I take time to contemplate, pray and enjoy my family, I hope you have a great weekend. Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being a Baby Mama


My little boy and I are quite close. I mean it's just him and I day in and day out. We wake up together. We eat breakfast together. We read books together. We go outside together. We take naps together. We do life hand in hand every day. I never thought I would enjoy being a stay-at-home mama so much but everyday my heart is filled with joy watching my son grow.

I got asked what I do for a living and after answering that I only stay home, I've changed my answer. It may seem trivial or unnecessary, but my answer now is that I work a full time job without vacation, overtime pay and sick days. Full time raising a little human being. Life as a mother is non stop and there is always someone who needs me. There is always plenty of learning, playing, exploring and having fun together. 

Jonathan is such a chatter box right now with occasional moments of silence which usually means he's getting himself in trouble. He knows what he can and cannot do, and will turn on the charm if realizes he got caught in action. If I'm scolding him, he will come to me and lay his head on my shoulder while giving a sweet little peck right on the lips. It melts my heart.

Being a mother to a toddler every minute of the day without leaving the house for work outside is harder than one might think. Doing the same thing over and over again sometimes gets tedious and frustrating. But the moments when I see him discover a new toy, learn  a new word and open a new book are the brightest and happiest moments of my life. His giggles and little quirky things he does, that happy grin and fast little hands, the way he lays his head on my shoulder and says first words are the things that I cherish right now. 

Finding joy in the small things, having patience for the tough things, remembering the good things, never-minding the hurtful things, discovering the new things, keeping the old things dear to my heart every single day. That's what being a baby mama is all about. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

{Shopping} Patriotic

Clock, Espadrilles, Striped Tee, Flag Tee, White Sandals, Striped Crossbody, Bathing Suit, Red Bag, Dress 
I hope you are getting your red, white and blue on for this weekend! With the weather approaching very hot temperatures and the grill sizzling away, it's going to be a fun holiday. I don't have a patriotic outfit picked out yet (I always feel like a flag) but here is a selection of some items to make your outfit a little more holiday appropriate. Hope you are having a great week! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Bright

dress: Walmart
wedges, shades: Target
bag: Ali Express
Welcome back to another week! We are almost in July and I can't believe that entire month has gone by already because we barely saw any sun around these parts. Also, I can't believe I got this dress in Walmart. Yes, I shop at that wretched place once in a while. So imagine my excitement when I was walking through pasta isle and spotted this pretty neon dress across the entire store. Two minutes later the dress was in my car without a second thought. I know that Walmart is not your typical blogger shopping place but sometimes you can find a one of a kind piece that makes that crazy trip worth it.