May 8, 2014

Currently Loving {Baby Edition} + Link Up

... baby Jonathan is such a little tail of mine

...enjoying some quality time with daddy

... his 'say cheese' face. by the way this kid loves taking pictures and every time I have the camera he smiles

... what a difference a year makes. this baby is all grown up and comparing to last year, he is so big.
I miss that little baldy 

... he has so much energy I don't know how to keep up. everything is a game. everything is funny.
and he must run all the time.

For this week's link up, I'm joined by gorgeous Amy from The Real Arnolds who loves fashion. She has a sweet spirit and seriously cute outfits. I like finding people of the same faith sharing similar interests - it's always encouraging. 

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  1. Your son has such a mature face. No one will be calling him "baby face". Thank you for your fun and supportive comments lately! Makes blogging so fun when you have great followers that are consistently there. ♥, Renae

  2. What great photos! Your son is so precious! Stopping by from The Real Arnolds - found your blog via-the linkup. Thanks for hosting...xo!


  3. These are amazing pictures!!

  4. What a little cutie! Great pictures!

  5. Anonymous8.5.14

    Aw cute comparison photos of Jonathan in his car seat :)

  6. Anonymous9.5.14

    You have an adorable little one! Thanks for hosting!


  7. He is seriously so cute! And he has grown a lot, it is amazing what difference a year makes for sure!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  8. Your baby edition post is beautiful and so thoughtful. Jonathan has grown up so much and he looks so happy. In honor of Mother's day I also linked up a special baby-related post for you that I'd love if you checked it out.

    Happy Mother's Day Beautiful Anna!! It's your second one, same for me. =)


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