May 29, 2014

Currently Loving {Life Edition} Thursday Link Up

Few weeks ago my sister and I took the kiddos and went to the local zoo. It's nothing fancy, mind you, but still it was an event. We strapped the kiddos into strollers and headed up the hill. Half way up we realized that our kiddos weren't so impressed with napping lemurs and dirty zebras (you literally couldn't tell it was a zebra), so we paused for some pictures.
First let's take a selfie. Notice how the kids are acquainted with the concept but don't know you are supposed to put your best tooth forward. Get the joke? No? At least I'm laughing.
My gorgeous sister. We take pictures of each other but she's way better at it than I am.
Us and the llamas. But the zoo is not for Jonathan apparently - there is something more interesting
in the opposite direction.
At least something was interesting enough that he was pointing to it
 the goats which were only looking for a treat from us. The kiddos didn't want to touch them at all and Jonathan's face says it all.
When we were done with the mammals that's the face they gave us. Ha! Money well spent no?
We ended the day with some froyo. Those green little balls are Japanese candy made in all kinds of flavors. I like how they burst in my mouth creating an explosion of taste because apparently dozens of animals weren't exciting enough. This should do it.

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  1. I remember taking my daughter to the zoo when she was that age and she slept most of the time! At least you got to spend some time with your sister and enjoy the outdoors!


    1. yes they enjoyed the playground the most

  2. Sweet post, love you sis!

  3. Anonymous29.5.14

    Awww your daughter is the cutest, love the pictures!


    1. I have a son, but that's my sister's daughter... She's a cutie

  4. Always so much fun going to the zoo! I live across the street from the STL zoo and I never go! I need fix that!

    1. Yes Zoo is fun especially through children's eyes

  5. You got some great pics, love the face Jonathan is making, too cute!! Maybe next time they will be more into it =)
    Love your dress Anna!!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  6. Great post and blog! Love the photos! Your kids are beautiful!

  7. I am glad that you and your kids enjoyed the day and photographs are really wonderful. Instead of taking my kids out this weekend I am thinking to plan a small party for them at NYC venues. Do you think it is a good idea?

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