June 9, 2014

As Good as It Gets

tee: Old Navy
skirt: J.Crew
bag: Ali Express (similar)
shoes: Macy's (similar)
watch: Target  (similar)
The other day hubby and I were discussing the business of weddings, after we received a wedding invitation from our friends. Their nuptials are going to take place on our exact wedding anniversary, even the same hour! It was wild to read their invite, because it reminded us of our own wedding. It's going to be six years (WOAH) next month since we walked down the isle. It feels like we got married few months ago not few years!
We reminisced about our wedding day, talking about all the things that we hold dear to our hearts. Coincidentally we were on the way to the same hotel we were staying at on our wedding night, for lunch. I said that I remember very little from 'the best day of our lives' and how unrealistic expectations get people in trouble. Of course, everyone dreams about a romantic and gorgeous affair which ends in a passionate night of hot lovin, but that's simply unrealistic. 
It was a very well organized day with a lot of places to be, people to see and things to do. Expecting it to be the best day ever seems to set people up for failure when something goes wrong. Having it as stress free as possible is as good as it gets (we had a minute by minute schedule we gave out to our whole family - it helped). And I'm fine with that. It was a very happy day, but the best part? The rest of our lives together.
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  1. So true! I LOVED my wedding day, but marriage as a whole has been even better! And yay for 6 years - we'll be there this fall!

    Love the skirt - it's such a pretty pattern!

  2. Love your printed pencil skirt. The print and colors are gorgeous. And that mind handbag is perfect.

  3. Six years, that's awesome!! How cool that your friends are getting married at the exact same time as you all!! My sister is getting married next weekend and I was just telling her not to stress over the little things - at the end of the day, she's marrying the love of her life and that's what matters!!

    Love your outfit, just perfect for summer! Your hair looks extra long in these pics and it's beautiful!!!

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