June 25, 2014

Summer Storm

dress: Old Navy (similarsimilar)
blazer: Banana Republic
flats: J.Crew
bag: Ali Express (similar)
This year summer has been very slow in these parts. As we were shooting this outfit post, a huge stormy cloud was approaching us. My sister was behind the camera so I told her to hurry up and snap some pictures before we get rained on. Few minutes later I could hear the rain coming our way and yelled at her 'it's coming'. She wasn't sure what I was talking about and seconds later we were drenched in a perfectly warm summer rain. As we were running to the car, I was trying to hide the camera from the rain drops and in the process wasn't very careful with the door, which slammed me in the face. Ouch. 
Today, I'm sitting in front of my computer, listening to the rain fall on the roof of the house, and enjoying the quite. It's nap time. Although the rain prevented me letting Jonathan loose outside, I love listening to the sound of rain in a perfectly still house. Now on to get some work done. 
Have a great day! 


  1. Great eyelet dress! Love the bright neon shoes yo styled it with

  2. Anonymous25.6.14

    It sounds heavenly to sit and just enjoy some you time. My kids have different nap times, stinks! Beautiful dress, and from Old Navy-awesome!

  3. The adventures of outfit shooting! I also enjoy listening to the rain from inside my house. Love this outfit, especially the pop of color from your shoes!!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  4. Love an eyelet dress,always so pretty x

  5. Such a lovely outfit sweetie :D



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