September 11, 2018

Back To School - Do You Celebrate or Mourn?

The start of September marks a new beginning for all parents. 
New School year.
New teachers.
New book bags and freshly sharpened pencils.
New exciting expectations and hopes. 
Jokingly, I hear a lot of moms saying they are ready to celebrate as soon as their kids get on the bus. We all laugh and agree that summer has been long and we want them out of the house ASAP. 
But do we? 

Do you celebrate or actually mourn deep inside the swift passage of time? 
Do you ask yourself how is it you have a child in (n)th grade already? Do you cry a small tear realizing they don't need you anymore as much as they used to? They can tie their own shoes, they can get their own lunch or even make you one. 
Changes are tough and more so they are tough on moms. 

I have to say that I mourn the quick end of innocent and carefree childhood. For the last five years there was no homework, no exact times to be home or consent forms to sign. I loved being a stay-at-home mom to my boy and those years have flown by so fast, I didn't even have a time to blink. I mourn the innocence and the pure heart that will be tested and hurt more than once. The sweet spirit that will be crushed and tried so many times. 
Time flies. It flies even faster when you are having a good ole time.

But life goes on. They will grow up, they will move on and we will never get this time back ever again. 
So cherish it. Make it special.Take the time to talk to them. Have family night and play games with them. 

Don't get so caught up in making a living that you forget to make a life!
Have a great school year!


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