February 28, 2013

February {Budgeting Series}

I can not believe that another month has come and gone.
 Baby Jonthan is 2 weeks old today and I'm finally starting to feel like a human being again. 
So when I said I'm going to do a monthly budget and try to stick with it, I did not, let me say it again, I DID NOT anticipate how hard it was going to be. So many times I would have be on the way somewhere and just wanted to 'stop by' Old Navy or Loft to see what they have on sale but had to resist. Did you know there is always a sale? Always.
Only now I realize how much shopping I was actually doing. It didn't seem like much every time because I never had major shopping sprees but thirty bucks here and a fifty bucks there would add up to be a substantial amount at the end of a month. Therefore February's $100 budget was a huge cut to my spending habit. But somehow (having a baby and being stuck at home for the last two weeks helped) I managed to not go over the limit too much.
Considering, all of these things were necessities (well except shoes. must.have.shoes) and there was no room left for the 'wants'. 
So do you budget? Or is it just too hard? Or maybe you are swimming in cash? I would love to hear from you and your experiences in the comments!  
Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's Side Sling Nursing Cami - Enzo Dust
Breastfeeding Tank (3) 19.99
These are a must for any nursing mom. I'm loving and currently living in them. 
Basic Tank(2) 12.99 each
I LOVE how soft these are. Even if you aren't preggo, go get yourself a couple. 
You will thank me later.

Xhilaration® Junior's Burnout Hoodie - Assorted Colors
Pajama Top (2) $12.48
One thing you have to consider when buying PJs for nursing mom is an easy access to the merchandise. I bought a few sets of when I was still pregnant but that aspect somehow escaped my mind.

Striped Flat  $19.99
Shopping with hubby is an adventure when he finds the cutest pair of striped flats. Always looking out for me and then complaining that I have too many shoes. He is the best.

TOTAL: $130.90
                                               over the budget---->$30.90

P.S. Can you tell I love shopping at Target? 

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  1. Just found your blog today and it's so cute! Congrats on the little guy! I've been trying to budget recently so I gave up shopping for the month, but it's so hard! At least it's forcing me to get creative with outfits...

    I'll be following you!



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