May 16, 2014

Simply Chic

dress: Old Navy
sandals: Gap (similar)
bag: Dorothy Perkins
A lot of times when I take pictures of my outfit for the blog, I think, is it enough? Is my outfit trendy enough? Do I have enough accessories? Is it Pinterest worthy? And quit frankly, it gets so exhausting at times. There is a pressure for a style and beauty blogger to be on trend. Otherwise, your pictures will not be pinned and the Insta account will loose followers.
I feel like, I have been trying to be someone else for a very long time. Looking at some of the more accomplished and expensive bloggers, I fee inadequate. But this is just me, having a nice day with my son at the zoo. You know, there are days when I have simple and non-trendy outfits on. That's OK nd it needs to blogged too.
It's really not about the clothes or how much we have, or what kind of bag we could scrape up on. Life is about so much bigger things. Stop worrying about fitting in and being something you are not. Just stay true to yourself and everything else will fall into place.
Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! 


  1. Coming from the SE link up. I love love this dress. I had on a white eyelet skirt this week, so I am a big fan on your dress, it fits you so well . Also a fan of your bag, pretty!
    Please stop by


    1. Thank you for stopping by Jessica... Love white for summer

  2. Anonymous16.5.14

    Good point Anna! I like your style no matter what. I honestly don't use Pinterest or Instagram enough (not like I used to) but I like your message here. I know I should be more in tuned with my kids, hubby and building my relationship with God but I have been allowing blogging, e-mails about reviews to control my spare time. Have a great weekend! I love your photos here. Rachel xo

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  4. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE this post. I feel like often times, its so easy to get caught up as a fashion blogger because you compare yourself to others. But you look adorable in this outfit :) I love the glasses.

    Xo Natasja

  5. What a fun dress! I love how it fits and your accessories compliment it perfectly! Great watch. Happy Friday!

  6. Completely agree! To be honest I feel that more often than not! lol I normally take pictures of what I wear day to day to work and sometimes I feel like it is not trendy enough. At this point, I don't even care, I dress like I dress and I love sharing it :)
    Love you outfit, simple and chic.
    I invite you to stop by my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other :)


  7. Gorgeous dress, and it's Pinterest worthy - but that's not the point - I just like seeing what people wear 'in the real world' as that's more helpful than anything else!! You look lovely, can't wait to scroll through some of your past outfits now as I'm new to your blog. Visiting via the Life of the Party linkup. P x

  8. That dress is beautiful on you! I like the white paired with the tan accessories too :)

    I just blog and share what I wear every day - so there's no pressure! I don't even have pinterest :) It's much better to be happy and comfortable with what you wear than anything else I think :) After all, you're the one who wears the outfit all day! :)

    Away From Blue

  9. I know what you mean Anna - but this really is one of my favorite outfit posts of yours!! Simple, chic and so fashionable for a mom-on-the-go. Seriously great inspiration!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  10. You look divine in that pretty dress and WOW it's from Old Navy. I want a short-sleeve white eyelet sheath like yours. And of course they look awesome with neutral/tan/camel accessories. =)

  11. You have probably bought it from Lululemon clothing store. I have seen these kind of collection there. Yeah! You are looking amazing in this white dress really.


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