Somewhere along the lines of finding myself I was inspired to created a blog. It went off on a fashion tangent for a while (you can look through the archives) but my heart wasn't in it. Sure, I like to have cute things to wear and decorate my home, but it's not my life's purpose. My life is centered on growing in Christ, fulfilling His mission and serving various ministries. So here it is, my heat't deepest joys, concerns and desire piled into one little space.  

The name Happy Medley comes from the desire to create a happy place where I share my ideas from all areas of my life - from faith and parenting to creative outlet for decor. I want this blog to feel warm and welcoming and hopefully offer a little inspiration to your daily life. Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you stay a while.

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  1. What a great blog you have Medley!
    Such a great style and look, great photography and a very beautiful family!
    I am over marketing and sales of a E store http://www.milanoo.com and I am on a search for fashion bloggers to promote my high heel shoes and boots on their blogs.
    I do not want the typical blogger standing alone in a empty street. I want to show real and what caught my eye on your blog was the post Being Present {Motherhood Challenges Series where your in the yard with your son and your laughing and having fun and the photography is candid, no modeling.
    So if you would be interested in a collaboration like this, can I get information on how this would work with you and your blog please?
    Thank you

    Don Hawks


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