January 7, 2013

Little Lamb Nursery Mobile (DIY)

 It Has a Story

I have been on a hunt for a perfect crib mobile for a while. First of all I didn't want a zoo-themed nursery and nothing with monkeys either. I wanted something simple yet elegant and boyishly cute. 
The very first year my husband and I were married, I was shopping some post-Christmas sales and found most adorable sheep at Bath and Body Works, of all places (go figure). They had mamma sheep and two little lambs, with a matching lamb blanket. I knew then and there that whenever we decide to have a baby, I would love to have some lambs in the nursery.
 So I bought them, kept them for four years in the back of my closet and now I'm so glad I did.
So I had these plush big sheep but no mobile to match it. This mobile was the closest I could find to something that would match the room colors and style of the nursery. But paying $62 for a mobile (you have to buy the arm separately) was a bit ridiculous. I was already getting some nice (i.e. expensive) bedding so that price was not for me. 
Of course, turning to PINTEREST and Etsy (also too expensive) I decided to make the mobile myself.
 But then there was the issue of little lambs (kind of the most important part of the whole thing). I couldn't find any that would be the perfect size for a mobile until my sister gave me her Christmas present.
She knew I wanted to add lambs into my nursery and found little ones (again) in Bath and Body Works. They were so cute and the perfect size! She gave me three little lambs, so I went to Bath and Body Works store right after Christmas and bought all the little lambs that they had. Eight in total, I had what I needed to make the most adorable mobile, and it was going to be one of a kind. 
Here is how. (Assuming you have the pieces to hang on your mobile)

You Will Need:
Pieces to Hang (It can be anything)
Embroidery Hoop (I used 10") from Hobby Lobby
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon (I used golden 3/8")

Ready to start? 
So first I took all the tags and hooks off the sheep. Then using a needle and a thread, I sew single 20'' ribbons to them. My longest sheep was going to hang at 18" so the rest were just going to get cut. I this point I didn't know how many where going to be where, so I cut them all at the same length. 

And then I got tired of doing it all in quiet and all by myself and decided to watch some TV. And totally forgot to take pictures of the rest of the process. 
So much for a tutorial eh? 
Really, it's very easy so I'm going to tell you how. 
Once all the ribbons are sewn unto the sheep, I started to approximate how long I wanted the pieces to hang. At this point it's up to you, where and how you want them to hang. The longest were about 18'' and the shortest were 8''. So I glued two longest sheep across from each other, with about 2" difference in height. Then I started eyeing where to put the rest. Again, depending on the number of pieces you have and diameter of the ring, it's your call. Mine were about 9'' apart.  

Then I started gluing the ribbon to the ring, on the inside and outside part (just to make sure). 
Now its time to make the part you going to hang it with. I used four 10'' long pieces of ribbon. Spacing them out as evenly as I could hot gluing to the inside of the ring, I joined them in the middle, also with hot glue. Then made a hoop 5'' long.
Now that all the parts are glued to the ring, it's time to cover up some of the ugliness of the glue. 
I used brown (since it's one of the colors in the nursery) ribbon 1'' thick and hot glued it to the outside and the inside of the ring. Again your call on the color. 
And that was it.
I could be happier with the way this mobile turned out and honestly, every time I walk into the nursery, I love how sweet it looks. It must be my favorite piece of decoration in the room.
(Next time I will pay closer attention and snap some more pictures)
I want to wait until the entire nursery is finished to show you how it looks in the room.


  1. Such a cute idea!! And it looks super easy to make too!

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    1. thanks...
      I do follow your blog already! :)

  2. this is such a cute idea! I love lambs too :)

    1. thank you... They are such peaceful creatures

  3. This is such a sweet idea! Love this!
    xo TJ

  4. Anonymous10.1.13

    That's so cute! I love the lambs. My husband nicknames our little girl "Monkey" when she was first born so she had a lot of little monkeys around for a while. Of course I never would have thought to do something awesome like that with them, though. Great thinking!

  5. Love it! Im a huge fan of simple DIY projects. Stop by over here sometime. I do a bit of DIY, style, awkward kid moments:-)

  6. Oh my gosh this is so adorable! I'm not anywhere close to having kids but I had to pin it anyway ;)


    Kristina does the Internets

  7. I love this mobile! I am looking for something similar. Where did you find the little plush lambs?

    1. Barbara! Thank you so much.... I found them on sale at Bath & Body Works


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