June 7, 2013

Leading By Example

A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.
Ever since I got pregnant, I've been thinking a lot more about what kind of example I'm going to be for my kids. Am I going to be the kind of parent my children will follow and be proud of? Or the one they want to stick in the back of the family album and be embarrassed of at the family reunions?

We talk a lot about teaching our children to do right.
To respect their peers.
To honor their elders.
To love their neighbors.
To fear the Lord.
To esteem their heritage.
To obey the authority.
To love their spouse.
To cherish the youngsters.
To protect this God-given Earth.

And that's all fine and good and very necessary. As parents we have the responsibility to raise those little ones into mature, responsible adults with solid moral values.
The best way to do that is to teach by example.

You can spend your days drilling, talking and lecturing your children about what is good, wholesome and right but if you yourself isn't doing any of it - it's not worth a  single penny.
Your actions speak louder then your words.

You have to be respectful to your mean boss, without talking trash behind his back.
You need to honor your parents and grandparents, landing them them a helping hand when they need assistance in their old age.

You need to love those who gossip about you, mean to you at the grocery store and take your pew on Sunday morning.
Those who take advantage of your kindness and take your parking spot at the mall. Those who don't respect your space and privacy, and who don't ask for forgiveness. Love them.

You need to show your children how to fear God and honor Him with your life. How to be an example to this world without judging those who aren't doing right. How to be a genuine Christian and nevermind occasional hypocrisy and hate.

You need to appreciate where you've come from and who you are. No matter the race, ethnicity and color without putting anyone else down.
You need to obey the laws that are put in place by the government, even if at times they seem ridiculous and the authorities aren't truthful.

You need to protect the littlest children from the cruelty and hate in this world, showering them with  abundant love.
You need to protect this Earth for future generations and be thankful for sunshine and rain, for beauty of flower and depth of an ocean.

You must be what you want your children to become.


  1. LOVE that picture of you and the little one. SO cute. This is a great post Anna. You are and will continue to be a great mom. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. As a newly pregnant mama this is something I think about a lot - great post and well said. Definitely things to think about moving forward!

  3. What a beautiful post and picture! I ditto that Amen! I hope & pray to be a good example to my kids as well. Our children are reflections of ourselves. When we're at a a playground or public play area I can easily match up the child to the parent. I wish more parents would practice what you posted today. You are a wonderful mother and example to your son :) -Eva

  4. great post honey, your baby is really cute and you too!


  5. Beautiful pictures (you and baby/you and in the going out style). Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your parenting post - I do one (little) each Monday. Come visit again. Following you!

    xo Lulu

  6. Your baby is so adorable! What a lovely photo of you two! What great writing skills you have! Great post!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post 'Summer Style' I would love to read your feedback. Thank you :)




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