November 18, 2013

Patience {Motherhood Challenges Series}


Would you believe me if I said that I get frustrated with this cute little face and run out of patience? 
Well, it happens more than I like to admit. 
Patience is not my virtue and I will be the first one to admit it, but motherhood has brought a whole different perspective on it.
Having patience and practicing it is not an option anymore. It's simply something I have to do on a daily basis or I will loose my mind. 

As a mother, the primary caregiver and teacher, I become frustrated and impatient.
I know deep inside that he's still very little, he doesn't understand what 'no' means, or that he needs to wait 15 seconds for me to make his bottle. 
Yet it's still hard not to loose my cool. 

It's hard to be patient and still have discipline, to understand his little mind and not get frustrated at his inexperience, to teach him everyday tasks without getting annoyed with his forgetfulness.
Sure, he's cute, and sweet, and adorable, and fun but he still has his moments and it takes a lot of motherly patience and discernment on how to react and what to do when his mood strikes.
I ask the Lord to give me patience but then find myself frustrated and angry with the next situation if something doesn't go the way I planned or envisioned. 

We ask God for patience, but really it isn't something God can just pour on us. Patience is learned with time and age, it's something we conscientiously have to choose and act with, something we have to practice everyday. 

Therefore my prayer is not for God to give me patience. My prayer is to know God, and how He loves us, to show Him in my everyday life. He has so much patience and long-suffering with us, where many times we don't deserve it. 
God really knows us, yet has enough patience to let us come to Him, and let us learn and grow, without force or constrain. 
Learning to love like God does is what going to give me strength to have enough patience for my everyday life.  No matter what life brings.


  1. i am right there with you!! sometimes i feel so bad for feeling frustrated in the middle of the night when addilyn is awake AGAIN because I know she has no idea what she is doing! i've always been bad at being patient but motherhood puts it on a different level! :)

  2. It's ok to feel frustrated at times, you're only human. But having patience is definitely a great virtue!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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