December 4, 2013

10 Ways To Get Ready For Winter


Technically it's not winter yet, although it definitely feels like it.  Here in Northeast, we hibernate from October to March so warmth, comfort and peace of mind are very important. But no matter where you are, here are some things to consider before the cold hits ya.

1. Stock up on canned goods, snacks and cereal. You never know when a blizzard is going to force you stay home instead of going grocery shopping. Maybe there will be another Sandy (God knows we don't want one) but you won't be frantically running through Walmart, scouting for canned beans. It's wise to have things prepared for bad weather (especially if you are in north east)

2. Go through your winter wardrobe and make sure your winter clothes are clean and ready to be used with the first frost. If not, get your coats, and wool items dry cleaned.

3. Get a good lotion that isn't glycerin based as it tends to give more break outs with constant use. Winter months always leave my skin extra dry. I use pure, food-grade almond and jojoba oils, as well as Shea butter by NOW Foods. All of their oils are unscented so you won't get sick of the smell after a while. The almond oil is my favorite because it's thin, does not leave a nasty residue and absorbs fully.

4. Make sure you have plenty of accessories - things like gloves, mittens, hats and scarfs are essential during winter. They add stylish touch and keep you warm. Also, thick shoe inserts will help keep your toes warm, even if your shoe soles are a little on a thin side.

5. Set your thermostat (if at all possible) according to your daily schedule. Programming the thermostat will not only allow you to save money but make sure that you come back to a warm house every time.

6. Clean the vents, if you have forced air heat, and wipe the dust off radiators to make sure you have clean air. Plug in air freshers and maybe even get a humidifier to make sure that your air stays pleasant.

7. Prepare your vehicles. Get them inspected, rotate/change tires, get enough wind washer fluid. Besides that, ask your husband/boyfriend/father/mechanic for help.

8. Stock up on candles, because no matter how many you have, it doesn't ever seem enough. Nothing feels better then a cozy, warm house that smells like apple pie (or whatever you smell you like).

9. Get comfortable and warm everyday footwear with thick soles and low heel. Also, wool socks are absolutely amazing for those cozy winter nights snuggled up with a cup of hot coco. Your grandma will be happy to make you a pairs (or Land's End).

10. Last but not least, you want to make sure it's safe for you to walk outside your house. Get enough salt and the shovel ready for the ice and first snow.

Anything I forgot, please comment and let everyone know your ideas!

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