January 15, 2015

My Pregnancy Essentials

For comfort: I loved sleeping on my body nest pillow the last trimester. It's a MUST for all expecting mothers but there is no room for cuddling with hubs. It allowed me to get some sleep (between going to tinkle and trying to get comfortable there goes the night)

For skin care: I cannot live without this oil. I slather it on after every shower and even during the day when my hand feel dry. It goes on smoothly, doesn't have any smell that would get annoying after a while and is very thin in consistency. I also bought coconut oil but didn't use it as much as this. I go through 3 bottles during my pregnancy and swear it helps with getting rid of stretchmarks afterwards.

For health: it's so important to keep up on vitamins to have a healthy pregnancy. These vitamins are natural, food-based with no additives or colors. My husband did quite a bit of research before buying them for me. They are gentle on stomach and awesome for the baby.

For clothes: I bought myself maternity jeans/ that fit me like a glove. I love the new J.Crew line and bought myself a pair of shorts on sale for summer. We shall see how they work out but the Pea In The Pod maternity jeans worked great for me.  I know they might seem expensive at first but if it's your only pair you will wear them all the time. 

For shape: Whenever I start feeling like everything is just out of proportion and too big, SPANX are there to save my butt. Honestly, they support the belly, shape your body and allow you wear those pretty dresses and such. It's the dirty little secret no one talks about. 

For snack: When craving chocolate or something sweet, I eat a handful of these snacks. They are delicious, nutty and healthy, plus not too sweet. I love them and could eat the whole bag in one sitting but carry in  my purse for desperate times. 

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xo, Anna


  1. Thanks for the tips! This is the second time I've heard of a pregnant woman recommending almond oil, so I think I'll have to order some! I hope it will help during this pregnancy. As far as the Rainbow Light vitamins, but midwife recommends those. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy!

    1. Almond oil really does do miracles! and those are the best vitamins I've ever tried


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