November 19, 2015

How To: Enjoy Holidays With Children + BABY WRAP GIVEAWAY

I'm wearing  Happy Baby Wrap

We were slowly walking through an aisle laid full of wrapped Christmas presents. A smiling Santa was sitting at the very end and waving his hands at us. Jonathan stopped in his tracks and would not move. His cousin (who's only 6 months older) joyfully proceeded to hold Santa's hand and take a beautiful photo.

 I nodged Jonathan along and was about to take Abbie out of the car seat to stand along side him and take a cute photo with Santa. That didn't happen. He wouldn't even come close to say hi or take the candy the sweet, bearded man was giving him. It was an epic failure.

Or so I thought. 

But instead of bribing him, threatening him or even disciplining him, I just moved right along and we went to see what else was there to enjoy. As we walked around the Christmas display, there were toy trains, cars and even little shooting range. He was loving it.

I could have taken a different approach and got upset at the fact that he didn't want to stand next to Santa. I could have lectured him and made the whole trip about the photo but it wasn't. It was about us enjoying our time together instead of making sure that we look like we are enjoying our time together. 

So many times, during the holiday season we forget to just enjoy the time together. 

We get caught up in perfect family pictures, gift shopping and doing everything to make the Christmas beautiful that we forget to take in the beauty. I'm so happy that Christmas season lasts such a long time because really, you can't fit all the beauty of this celebration in one day.

Jesus came to Earth and that's something to be celebrated. He sat with publicans and sinners. He dined with prostitutes, He held little children. He talked to the elders. He taught and spent time with His disciples. He took the time to be with His family. I mean, He was a people's person all along. 

I love that about our God.

Years from now, our kids won't remember what kind of gifts they received or if they were wearing the latest trends on Christmas day. What they will remember is our attitude and time spend together. When instead of making sure that the family photo is perfect, we just enjoy the time together. When instead of worrying about buying the perfect presents we give them something meaningful. When instead of doing stuff we simply be. 

Enjoy the holiday season. Nevermind the little imperfections that make it so special and make memories that will last a lifetime.


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  1. Your kids are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  2. You're so right! The experience is way more beautiful than the evidence.


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