December 16, 2015

Quick and Easy Gift Idea {DIY}

When it comes to scarves, they are the easiest and cheapest accessory out there. Many times we don't think how easy it is to make one and end up spending so much more than what they are worth. A typical yard of fabric costs up to $7 plus half an hour of your time and tada - uniquely yours scarf. Here is mine because I cannot get enough of plaid print (obviously). Now wouldn't this be a perfect gift for someone? They will appreciate it more knowing you made it!

How To

Step 1. Lay out your fabric and make sure it's nice and straight
Step 2. Measure and cut off any excess fabric if the scarf looks too wide
Step 3. Sew along the lines shown above
Step 4. Iron the scarf for a more polished look along the stitch lines

Of course, if it seems like too much work and you would rather pay all the money in the world instead of sewing, HERE is a great selection of red plaid scarves. Also, I love this wrap and this scarf is on major sale! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you give this DIY a shot.
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  1. Who knew making an infinity scarf could be so easy?! I'm not crafty but this is a great project and gift! Thanks for sharing :)


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