February 1, 2013


I have a lifestyle blog. I love fashion. I love (gasp!) shopping. 
I'm not really crazy obsessed with the whole idea of shopping, I just like having new things and being inspired (read: jealous) by other bloggers, doesn't help. My hubby has been rolling his eyes at my habit but mostly very tolerant.

Side note: sometimes I think if I were the main breadwinner in the household (say I was the husband) and the wife was spending money left and right, we would have some major problems. Thank God, for a patient hubby of mine. He is really good. The best kind of good. 
Moving on to my inability to pass a good sale.

As I said, I've been bad about shopping. 
I think, I have a hard time identifying what I really need (mostly nothing) and what I want (mostly everything). If you really think about it, clothes are there to keep us warm in the winter and somewhat decent during summer. It's not there to define who we are.
I decided that I needed a little more accountability in this area, being that we have a baby on the way and a new house (read: added expenses which do not include my closet). So I think telling the whole world (you guys are the entire world of Internet users right?) how much I spend each month and what I buy, will help me and also hopefully inspire some of you (other shopaholics) to curb my cravings. 

Main things to keep in mind. (Don't listen to the lady in the poster above, that's for sure)

Realize the difference between a want and a need. Do I want that pair of BCBG leopard pumps? Yes, I sure do! Do  I need them? nope... 

Have a set-in-stone budget. Make sure there is no way of getting around it, be that $1000 or $10, stick to it no matter what. 

Be accountable for your spending. Find a person, start a blog or do something to make sure that you are sticking to it. And don't reward yourself for sticking to it one month by doubling your spending the next.

Ditch the credit cards. Only spend money (even if you are putting it on your credit card because you get 30% off) when you have the the same amount in your account.

Have a goal in mind. Identify the things you actually need (new winter coat for next season?) and shop the sales. 

Subscribe to couple email alerts letting you know when the things you are looking for are on sale. DO NOT subscribe to all the stores, high end designer boutiques and any other shops that will lead you down the path of temptation. 

Therefore, starting this months, I'm going to be doing a feature describing my purchases and having a grand total at the end of every month. I mean, it's probably going to help having a newborn and not being able to get out of the house much, but I can manage to spend as much (if not more) money online.
I don't want to be overly optimistic, so let's start with a budget of $100 for the month of February.
Here I go!
Wish me luck!


  1. Great tips. I think it's important we keep ourselves in check every once in awhile.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Well hopefully this will help...

  2. I do like your idea, and I really hope it helps you =]

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  3. Anonymous2.2.13

    I love it! I also am giving myself a budget of $100 so I can make better choices. I'm trying to build a wardrobe of good, quality pieces instead of things I'll wear only a few times. Happy I found your blog through Franish! :)


  4. Such a good post! Loving your blog!

  5. Great tips! And I can soooo relate!! But remember that whe the baby comes you're gonna wanna shop for him! So many times I go to the stores and have to remind myself that Zoe already has plenty of clothes! But the itch to buy her cute little outfits!! ughh its hard lol

    1. We are going to have to set a budget for him too... Otherwise we both will be banished from the house lol:)

  6. Good luck budgeting, maybe I can learn a thing or two.

  7. Budgeting and talking about my said budgeting on the blog has definitely helped my shopping habit, now I have to think about sharing what i buy with the world before I actually get it! Good luck lady!

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    1. Thank you! Your post inspired me and I forgot to link up... I really want to go through with it

  8. These are SUCH good tips. Once upon a time I was a huge shopping addict. It was hard on my marriage and I started realized after I had bought something, I didn't really think about it again, so I definitely didn't need it. I had things in my closet with tags on it that I never wore...yes it was horrible. Well, now I am SUPER hyper about what I spend and I try to get things that I love verses only like. We never use credit cards and it even makes me sick to think of using them. Sorry, long rant to say I totally agree with you!! Nothing is worth the stress of credit card debt to me.


    1. You are right... it's never a good idea to spend more then you have. Going to see how this turns out! Thanks for sharing

  9. AMEN. I have posted about this many times. I sometimes go way overboard when it comes to shopping. I recently went on a shopping hold since Jan 1st and so far so good! :)

    xx L


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