February 8, 2013

The Waiting Game

Still not here...
I love that so many people are excited to meet our little guy but I'm also a little annoyed. The preggo hormones are raging over here /if you can't tell/, and I'm anxious to get the show on the road. I have a million /well, maybe not that many/ text messages a day asking me if he is here yet. I understand that people have only the best intentions but all I want to do is yell at the phone, and it didn't do anything, poor thing. Here is what's happening now.
I'm tired all the time but can't sleep more then two hours at a time. Tossing and turning, getting up to tinkle like five hundred times a night, then about 6am I'm starving and getting up to get breakfast. By 8am I'm tired again and sleepy - clime back into bed (while hubby has no problems sleeping through it all) and snoozing for a little bit. Brunch, maybe a shower later and some blogging, so by 1pm I want to take a nap again. So I snooze in the chair in the nursery. Feeling a little better by now, and want to get out of the house. Taking a walk or going to the mall just to get out and do something. 
This waiting period is exhausting, so I while I try to keep myself occupied with baking some pastries and online shopping for the house, have yourself a great weekend.

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  1. we wish you zoo much luck sweetie :)

  2. i hope you little one arrives soon!
    just found your cute blog

    following :)

    ps i love pink peonies too haha

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  3. Almost there lady! Sending you my best wishes of comfort and peace in these last few moments!

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