July 22, 2013

It's a Heart Issue

top: Joe Fresh (sold out)
skirt: NY&Co (similar)
shoes: ALDO 
clutch: old
As a Christian woman, mother and a wife right kind of clothing is very important to me. How others see me, how I portray Christianity and how I feel about what I wear, are all parts of one issue - modesty. 

Growing up, I was forced by my parents to dress conservative and mom would never buy us anything she thought we should not wear (i.e. mini skirts, halter tops).
Then I went all the way off balance and wore only skirts and dresses for couple of years, thinking that I will win 'points' from God by doing so. (That's a blog post in itself)
When I got married, I rebelled a little, because my parents couldn't tell me what to wear. Not that I looked sleazy or anything, but some cuts were lower and hems were higher. I definitely wanted to show some skin.

Now I'm finally starting to find the delicate balance, while being comfortable with who I am as a woman and a Christian.

You see, I grew up with this preconceived ultra conservative notion that Christian people put a bag over their heads and read Bible all day long. Although, no one around ever did that, it was still wrong to put on make up, color your hair or wear jewelry (not even wedding band). 
Having a heart for God and looking good was impossible, because apparently all Godly people were ugly. Wrong.
There are many accounts in the Bible of women dressed in beautiful clothing, Godly men exchanging gold jewelry and God describing His Bride as a beautiful lady. Also, check out the book Songs of Solomon - that woman is smoking hot. Somehow they've missed that.

The most important thing in any Christian person's life is his/her heart. God doesn't care if we do something out of duty or because we were told we are supposed to. 
He wants us do it from the heart or rather not do it at all.
If I'm putting on a maxi skirt and a long sleeve turtle neck and hating it, God knows what's going on inside and really doesn't care for the outfit. But that does not mean I can put on a mini skirt and a halter top and claim that I'm a spiritual person either. 
There has to be a balance to life. Balance between looking groomed and attractive, and becoming vain and abscessed with labels and latest trend. 
Balance is hard to come by because that is a heart issue.

P.S. Happy birthday to my wonderful hubby! Love you! Muah.

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  1. I think this outfit is a good balance of modest but fashionable. I really love your shoes!

  2. Great thought and lovely outfit!

  3. I agree with you. I also did not wear pants for a few years (many years ago) until I really read and knew the bible for myself. Sometimes as Christians we focus on the wrong things. Focusing on the outward more than on the inward. I do dress on the modest side though (and what I think is modest might not be what others think as modest) so it all goes back to your heart and striking a balance
    k at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  4. Good points. Plus, since God cares about our hearts and isn't fooled by our outward appearance, we could be wearing skirts down to our ankles and still not be earning any points with God. I agree with you that there is a balance and that we shouldn't just do whatever we want, deceiving ourselves that we are right with God, but I definitely also agree that it has to come from the heart and two Christian women may not line up exactly the same way in how they address modesty. Lovely pic as always! :) --Andrea

  5. Love your wedges! I think most of us have all had our own journey's with modesty. :)



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