October 16, 2013

Jonathan {8 Months}

Dear boy, you are growing so fast. I'm happy to see you are healthy and big but at the same time it makes me sad, knowing this time will never come back. 

You are crawling everywhere! Actually you started crawling the day after you turned seven months and haven't stopped since. Getting up and pulling on everything, trying to get to me whenever I'm away - it's all so much fun (and so worrisome for mama). You are walking along side the couch and not afraid to let got of my hand (so brave). 

Toys do not interest you anymore - everything else seems to be more fascinating, interesting and captivating. It takes you about 30 seconds to find your way back to where I am after I put you down to play by yourself. No place to hide.

You have only two teeth but even that's enough to leave tiny bite marks on the couch. (thanks baby;-)
 You love playing with other children. Every time you are in the church nursery you are absolutely smitten by all the action. You love playing with your cousin and together you are trouble. 

The way you explore everything and the enthusiasm you greet me with every time I walk in the room is absolutely adorable. You smile at me and crawl so fast trying to reach my feet that sometimes you trip over yourself, silly goose. 

You love bath time and get super excited when I turn the water on. We play and splash, get to know water and everything you can do with it. Bed time is my favorite because I get to hold you and feed you, while you snooze in my arms. Since I'm not nursing anymore, I really enjoy the special bonding time we have together and don't want to teach you to hold your own bottle. 
It's so precious because I know it will not last very long.

You have gotten so used to falling asleep in my arms with the bottle that you refused to fall asleep on your own. It was a battle that I had to face because you wouldn't fall asleep without mama. Being a mother is hard because I have to make decisions that break my heart at times but in the end I know they will be good for both of us.

I have introduced you to the foods that we eat and you love it. Simple soups, fruits and veggies, chicken and cereal are your primary foods and you seem to enjoy it. Although, every new taste is very exciting so we are trying everything we can get our hands on. 

I'm loving this stage. You are learning from everything and watching my every step with complete fascination. Although you are trying to get into every cupboard and cause trouble, you are so much fun to be with. You love reading books and playing, it's great to watch you explore new things. 

We are trying to eat dinner all together when daddy is home and you love being a part of our meal time. We pray with you and hold hands while you babble away. It's my absolute favorite. 
You sleep very good and wake up with a smile on your face every morning - you are one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. 

Stay little baby boy.
Mama loves you.
Daddy sends his love too.


  1. he is too cute!! cherish these moments :)

  2. Anna he is PRECIOUS!!!!!! What a little cutie pie! Those eyes make my heart melt! The stages babies go through are fascinating! Like Vett said....enjoy and cherish every moment! I know in your eyes he will forever be mamas little boy! :)

  3. Your little man is so sweet! And that crawling! At 7 months?! It's such a huge change, isn't it?


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