October 30, 2013

Unpopular Choice (or Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween)


I have had a burden on my heart for a couple of years now to write this post but haven't found the right words. Also, being unpopular and not following crowd publicly is tough, especially knowing that it may cost you. This may not be popular, or politically correct or even go with what your church may say, but it's worth saying. 

My heart is saddened by all that I see during this time of year and clearly I want to make a) my opinion well established b) persuade someone else to take the road less traveled.
On the eve of the most evil and dark holiday, I want to talk to Christians who know better. If you aren't a Christian, this article isn't for you.

Every time I see a professing Christian talk about their Halloween celebration, I cringe. It makes me sad knowing that those who will be celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, glorifying God in their hearts just few weeks ahead, take the time to celebrate evil and darkness. In no way shape or form am I an expert, or theologically experienced in any kinds of debates. I'm just a mother who wants to make sure that her child will grow up knowing the truth and not be blinded by the 'feel good' mantra of this holiday.

As Christians our family does not celebrate Halloween .
We do not get dressed up (even in 'good' characters), we do not carve pumpkins (even with smiley faces), decorate our house (even with Disney characters), we do not give out candy (even to the Christian kids in church) and we do not celebrate Harvest instead. We choose to not participate in any part of it.

To many of you, this may seem harsh and stone-age like but let me explain why this holiday should have no place in our homes, hearts and especially children's activities.

- Halloween is a celebration of darkness, evil, death and lies. It takes something that's evil (like trickery and mischief) and puts a fun spin on it. Only because there is candy and super hero (or even Bible hero) costumes involved doesn't mean it's wholesome or good.

- Witchcraft, zombies, death and evil spirits are definitely have nothing to do with God. They glorify evil, they associate with darkness, viciousness and wickedness (which are part of demonic forces).

- The most important part of this holiday is children. They dress up (seems like fun), get together with friends (more fun) and go trick-or-treating ( promising to do mischief if not received candy). It's all done under the false pretense of innocent entertainment but is it really? If the holiday itself is evil why would we as Christians would want our children to have any part of it? Parents are the ones who know better.

- The origins of Halloween are of pagan religion, dressed up with Catholic church's celebration of all saints. None of these are found in God's word and both celebrate dead. God is life and full of goodness and everything that's opposite of that has nothing to do with the Lord. Therefore we should have nothing to do with it either. 

- There are many references and clear verses in the Bible (look here) where God clearly speaks about evil of witches, charmers, talking to the dead and sorceress. Many times when God's people went in the ways of Pagan religions (exactly where Halloween originated) and celebrated their holidays, they lost His blessing. 

- As Christians, we are supposed to be different. The people in this world know that, but for some reason Christians don't. Associating with such holiday and its practices we are condoning and giving place to the evil that clearly marks this day. If this day has even a hint of horror, corruption and immorality we should not take part in it.

Researching the origins of Halloween, studying Bible and what it says about such practices, and looking at this from the Christian point of view makes it very clear. No amount of persuasion or guilt-tripping will make you change your mind but praying and asking God to show you what's right and good may just give a whole different perspective on this day. 

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This is not meant as an attack at anyone I know or those who don't agree with me.
 All profane and degrading comments will be deleted.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! My family does not participate in Halloween either. I think it is awesome that you had the courage to post about it!

  2. I totally see where you're coming from. My family has run the youth group at our church since I was a kid and know a lot of families that don't celebrate Halloween. I have nothing but respect for those families and totally understand their beliefs. My parents waited until we were at an age where we could decide. For me personally, I enjoy looking at it as more of a time to be silly and have fun. Not celebrating anything, but embracing the fun and light side of a day that will always be a part of society. Loved this post, hun. It's so important to stand behind what you believe in. :)


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