November 4, 2013

October {Budgeting Series}

plaid shirt - $14.95 (H&M)
brown boots - $33.95 (DSW)
black booties - $24.95 (Old Navy)
TOTAL: $73.85

I can't believe we are in November already... The cold weather is upon us and I'm not a fan already. Honestly, when I sat down to calculate my total for this month, I could not think of anything else I bought except these three items. 
Well, technically I bought more (it was my birthday month after all) but ended up returning most of it. Like these Coach booties that I found in TJMaxx were gorgeous and comfy but the soles seemed too thin for winter. Also, the J.Crew crossbody had so many scratches on it, I had to return it. It seemed to have a very poor quality leather material.

I'm so happy I stayed withing my budget ($100) and to be completely honest, it's getting easier to do so. I'm forcing myself to wear everything I have, remixing and styling in different ways. Also, controlling myself at every sale sign and especially in Target helps a lot. Thinking critically about every piece and 'do it NEED it' or 'do I WANT it' approach is helping me avoid unnecessary purchases.

This month I'm all about winter staples which are going to last me for years to come. Since I have some gifts from my birthday, this month's shopping should be really fun. Will report back after Thanksgiving. 
Hope you have a great day, be inspired to stay withing your budget and link up below! 


  1. I love budgeting posts! Doesn't it make you more conscious of what you buy? It does me!
    Love that green plaid top!


  2. I am doing a spending fast until the end of the year but broke it to go shopping at a thrift store lately. I feel off the wagon so hard I went to H&M too and actually bought that exact shirt. I promptly returned it after I came to my senses but I do love it. I just didn't need it and wanted to spend as little as possible. Love your blog!


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