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December 3, 2013

November {Budgeting Series}

skirt / blouse / booties

I cannot believe that the year is almost over. I think 2013 was the most eventful and fastest year of my life. After my birthday (in October) I got some cash to spend and wasn't sure what I needed the most for this winter. Option1- colorful winter coat or Option2 - black booties. I ordered J.Crew Lady Day coat and was very disappointed when it arrived - the color was way off. I loved the color that was on the screen but it turned out to be a Christmas tree green and I didn't want to remind everyone of Christmas for the rest of the year. So I returned it. And then yelled at complained to costumer service about their color representation online. All they did is apologized and waived my return shipping fee.
The idea of Black Friday is becoming obsolete, as all the sales were in effect days before Thanksgiving and some stores were open Thanksgiving day. Lame! Who wants to go out in the freezing cold after a day of cooking, eating and then cleaning up? Not me! I was curled up under a blanket with hot tea and some chocolate, doing Christmas shopping online. That's the best way to do it without taking away from the family oriented day.
Technically my November spending is $0.00 as I used my birthday gift money to splurge a little. But I'm sure what I didn't spend will come in handy this month as I'm buying Christmas presents left and right. 
Let the holiday craziness begin. Hope you have a great day! 

November 4, 2013

October {Budgeting Series}

plaid shirt - $14.95 (H&M)
brown boots - $33.95 (DSW)
black booties - $24.95 (Old Navy)
TOTAL: $73.85

I can't believe we are in November already... The cold weather is upon us and I'm not a fan already. Honestly, when I sat down to calculate my total for this month, I could not think of anything else I bought except these three items. 
Well, technically I bought more (it was my birthday month after all) but ended up returning most of it. Like these Coach booties that I found in TJMaxx were gorgeous and comfy but the soles seemed too thin for winter. Also, the J.Crew crossbody had so many scratches on it, I had to return it. It seemed to have a very poor quality leather material.

I'm so happy I stayed withing my budget ($100) and to be completely honest, it's getting easier to do so. I'm forcing myself to wear everything I have, remixing and styling in different ways. Also, controlling myself at every sale sign and especially in Target helps a lot. Thinking critically about every piece and 'do it NEED it' or 'do I WANT it' approach is helping me avoid unnecessary purchases.

This month I'm all about winter staples which are going to last me for years to come. Since I have some gifts from my birthday, this month's shopping should be really fun. Will report back after Thanksgiving. 
Hope you have a great day, be inspired to stay withing your budget and link up below! 

October 10, 2013

September {Budgeting Series}

dress, pants, skirt, crossbody

I did not forget about the budget post for September but was super busy to sit down and do this. Lately, I'm head-to-toe Target. I can be the spokesperson for the brand, I have so many clothes from there. 
Especially this fall, Target is having so many gorgeous styles at a great price. I cannot walk out of there without a tank, a top or baby item. 
Plus, their home section is amazing! I am dying over their pillows and side tables. 

For this fall, I'm looking for more burgundy, black and olive colors (next best thing to camo). I bought a white sweater from H&M and a Vince Camuto blouse (worn here) at Burlington Coat Factory. 

 I did go over the budget (a little) but scored some great pieces that I already have in heavy rotation. 
October's budget has already been spent on one item. Yes, I bought something expensive but beautiful and lasting, and I know that I will be wearing it for years. Now you just have to wait to see what it is.

BUDGET: $100
TOTAL SPENT: $126.43
OVER: $26.43

September 2, 2013

August {Budgeting Series}

We have arrived to the end of summer!
This year has been the busiest and fastest years of my life. It may have something to do with the fact that I have an infant to take care of and a new house to organize. I'm tired already.

As you may know, last month hubby and I got a little carried away with shopping. I spent twice my allowed budget for the month, meaning that August was supposed to be my 'no shopping' month. 
And... I did it!
Turns out it's easier then you think. If you don't go to the mall or any other place that may tempt you with great deals and major sales, you are safe from temptation. 
I always find something I like, i.e. think that I need.

On Saturday we ventured out for a day of thrifting and hanging out as a family and, somehow, ended up in the mall. I picked up only $10 worth of tank tops from Joe Fresh summer sale, which doesn't count right?  I'm really liking the new JCPenny Home Collection and probably will get a few pieces from them. This lamp, accent chair and pillows are all on my wish list for the house.

Also I did some research, trying to figure out what my closet needs the most this fall. I'm done buying cheap stuff and wishing I could afford the good quality pieces. I'd rather buy few but nice things that I will enjoy wearing and get good use out of. If you think about it, CPW (cost per wear) goes down dramatically if you wear those J.Crew boots for the next three years.
Quality over quantity is my new motto and I'm sticking to it. I may end up spending more, or the same amount but I will be wearing quality pieces that will last me years.
This week I will be talking about my favorites for this fall and showing my wish list. Stick around to see what's new and exciting going on this season.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

July 31, 2013

July {Budgeting Series}

Another month, another budget. Blown out of the water. 
Partly because we were on vacation, so there was more time and opportunity to shop. So we did.
Then, our anniversary where we got a little pampered for a day, and hubby indulged my shopaholic tendencies. Here's to keeping my materialism in check. 
Dress (x2) - I found two pretty dresses at Lord and Taylor for $95.67. Partly it's hubby's fault, no wait, it's all his fault. He found cutest stuff and showed them to me, then I'm drooling. He was going to pick out a dress I would wear for out anniversary dinner and couldn't decide between the two. So with coupons and clearance it was a great buy. Worn one of them here and looking for another occasion to wear the other.
Kate Spade Wedges (similar)- these wedges ($63.74) have already been proven to be one of the versatile pieces in my closet. And they are super comfy. Win win!
Joe Fresh Blouse - got this cute top ($11.50) on clearance last in my size. Love the black and white contrast and florals.
Gap Sandals - I was pleasantly surprised to find a pare of comfortable, leather low-heel sandals at Gap for only $9.49. I've walked in them all day and my feet didn't hurt one bit.
Target Top - this item was not part of the plan. But it was only $5.89 and out of all the cute stuff I've tried on at Target, nothing fit me as well as this blouse. Go figure! Btw, I need to stop going there, it's a mine field of shopping waiting to happen.
Running Short ($12.00) - TJMaxx always has good quality gear for low price. Love that place!

TOTAL: $198.49
BUDGET: $100.00
OVER: $98.49 (double!)

July 2, 2013

June {Budgeting Series}

June was a good month with some great finds. Considering that I returned this dress from last month's purchases (it was on the back order until the end of July) and had a little more this month, I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of this 'shopping on the budget' thing. 
Anyhow, last month was really good - here is the update.
Let's see how I did this month.
Mint Dress (Dorothy Perkins $43.78) - I actually bought a little darker shade of mint (on sale w/ free shipping) but it sold out already. Loving the color, length and cut - perfect pencil dress for any summer occasion. 
Striped Maxi (Target $29.99) - Loving how the chevron pattern in front slims the figure and that it has a sleeve. It's so comfortable, I've already worn it one too many times.
Purple Shorts (J.Crew 19.99) - I love the cut and feel of these Bermuda shorts and since I'm wearing my grey once non-stop, I thought a bright pair will get a lot of use as well.
Pink Tee (Target 10.99) - Don't have a pink top. Must. Have. Pink. The. End.
Beige Shorts (Banana Republic $49.50/thrifted $4.99) - I wanted to get couple shorts in neutral color and a trip to thrift store proved itself worthy of these cute shorts. Comfiest party yet.
Sandals (Coach $59.00/TJMaxx $20.00) - these are the cutest flip flops that I have ever owed. I love that they are super comfy, have a bow and perfect for a busy mama's summer wardrobe. Plus they were on clearance. Why not?
Sequin Skirt (Club Monaco $199/thrifted $5.99) - when I saw this skirt, I knew I had to have it. It's a perfect party skirt and for a great(!) price. I already wore it for my mom's bday party and planing to find more uses for it. Outfit post is coming soon.
Basic Tee (Target $6 x2) - definitely need tees for everyday comfortable wear. Especially when baby spits all over ya and you have to change it at least once a day.

Total: 146.73 - 16.78(carry over from May) = 126.95
Budget: $120
Red Zone: $6.95
Carry Over: None

May 31, 2013

May {Budgeting Series}

Another month has come and gone, and it's sad how fast time is flying. Although, somehow, in those 30 days I manage to spend all the budget money and then some.
It's time to fess! This month it has been so so so hard to resist those sales! Tons of sales. Or it just feels like everything is on sale when I can't buy anything. Ha!
Target is a place where all my dreams of staying within the budget go to die. I have to force myself not to go into clothes section because I will always find something cute/cheap/interesting. Seriously!
Their new home collection had me at the first glance as well. Let me just say that target is stepping up its game and I'm loving it. But my RED credit card, not so much. So here is the beak down.

- Most adorable seahorse sweater ($15.00) I've ever seen. I mean, how cute is that? 
- A couple of really comfy Ts on a really good sale. #1 ($4.19) and #2 ($4.89).
- These ($19.64) pants had me at the very first time I laid eyes on them, but hubby wasn't convinced. I wore them to a date night and he wasn't sure why I was wearing clown pants. Men (rolling my eyes)
- I love the mint and navy color combo so when I saw this ($10.00) shirt on sale at Target (haha. where else?) I had to grab it. 
- I've been looking for a versatile summer dress for a while now. I do have few floral ones but wanted something that can be worn a lot. I've been eyeing this ($39.75) dress for a while but didn't want to pay the full retail so when it went on sale, I had to get it. Granted, if it doesn't fit right, I'm sending it back, since we don't have J.Crew Factory close to us.  
UPDATE: Returned the item
- The same thing with these ($23.50) shorts. I actually had the same pair for years in white but I don't fit into them (yet). Plus I can't be wearing white garments with infant in my lap. A recipe for disaster. 
- Lastly, I wanted a pink statement necklace. Don't get me wrong, I love jewelry, I just don't think that spending more then $20 on piece of metal (no matter how pretty it is) is a very bright idea. So it's cute ($6.00), pink (not online) and cheap.

TOTAL: $122.97 - 39.75 = 83.22
Budget: $100.00
Red Zone: None (yay!)
Carry Over: 16.78

Here's to the new month of spending and saving! 

May 1, 2013

April {Budgeting Series}


We are here again! I mean, time just flies!
I don't know how it happened but I ended up doing some shopping this month. Couple trips to the mall to get a birthday gift and Jonathan's outfit for his blessing, then shopping trip with sista and I'm maxed out!
Time to fess up. And I did pretty good! YAY ME!
I was in desperate need of chambray top and scored one with polka dots (major bonus!) at TJMaxx for only $19.99 but here is a similar (and three times more expensive).
The trip to Forever21 produced skinny dark denim, lemon cardi, white blouse with black trim (worn here not online) and a lace top for under $70. Talk about a score!
Then shopping for Jonathan I scored polka dot top (#6 similar) on a major sale $22.60. 
Adding to my collection of mint things are these flats, which are very comfortable. I think of all the flats I have ever owed, these are the best. They have a small platform which you can't see but which makes walking for long periods of time a breeze. Best investment so far.
Budget Total: $100.00
Spent: $126.60
Well, before going shopping I shared with hubby my projected budget and he said that I should go and enjoy myself (whaaaat? he wasn't trying to stop me?), as well as add $20. 
So I stayed within my budget with only $6 over.
I'm happy to be at this point and glad I stuck to it! 
I'm currently in a process of re-organizing my closet and figuring out what I need for the summer so I can do smart shopping this month. But it's going to be so hard with amazing summer deals and gorgeous dresses all over. More trips to the park and less trips to the mall.
That should do it.

P.S. P.S. I am linking up with my monthly shopaholics budgeting group hosted by Franish, 
see more budgeting bloggers right over here. Enjoy!

April 1, 2013

March {Budgeting Series}

March Budget

March's budget was a little more because I knew I would be buying some outerwear/boots  for next season. I was hoping to get a pair of nice leather cognac boots but unfortunately didn't find exactly what I was looking for. So here is the breakdown of my shopping experience from last month. And although I did not stick to budget to the last cent, I'm very proud of myself for dodging all those adorable new arrivals at Target. That's what this month is for. Seriously you guys, they have some cute skirts and floral pants out. Go check them out before I buy them all will ya? 
Happy Shopping!
  • Scarf $14.99 Target - I needed a bright floral scarf for spring because as it gets nicer out sometimes all you need is bright scarf to bring some color to outfit. 
  • Vest $13.49 (Original Price $49.99) Land's End - I have been look out for winter outerwear to go on sale, so I can stock up for next season. Hubby needed a new puffer and with the sale at local Land's End we hit jackpot.
  • Puff Jacket $27.99 (Original Price $69.99) Land's End -  the one I bought sold out online but this is a similar one. It seems that all my outerwear is either black or brown so I went with bold color - burnt orange/red. Loving it.
  • Intimates and Hosiery $63.00 Target - the unmentionable nursing gear and tights. 
  • Workout Leggings $27.99 Target - getting on that treadmill isn't easy but having the appropriate workout gear sure helps. Plus they are super comfy and I wear them around the house all the time. 
  • Belt $12.99 Target - I really thought I needed this belt in light pink but turns our I didn't really. And now that I have thrown out the receipt, I am keeping it. Plus pastels are very in this season so I will use it somehow. 
  • Sweater $4.99 Loft (Thrifted) - it's a an oversized long merino wool sweater to wear at home with my leggings. Comfy and warm.
  • Dress $3.99 Banana Republic (Thrifted) - a cute color-block dress that fits me well and perfect with leggings to lounge at home
BUDGET: $150.00
TOTAL SPENT: $169.43
Overspent: $19.43

So how did you do with your budget? 
Did you stick to it or went completely overboard? 


February 28, 2013

February {Budgeting Series}

I can not believe that another month has come and gone.
 Baby Jonthan is 2 weeks old today and I'm finally starting to feel like a human being again. 
So when I said I'm going to do a monthly budget and try to stick with it, I did not, let me say it again, I DID NOT anticipate how hard it was going to be. So many times I would have be on the way somewhere and just wanted to 'stop by' Old Navy or Loft to see what they have on sale but had to resist. Did you know there is always a sale? Always.
Only now I realize how much shopping I was actually doing. It didn't seem like much every time because I never had major shopping sprees but thirty bucks here and a fifty bucks there would add up to be a substantial amount at the end of a month. Therefore February's $100 budget was a huge cut to my spending habit. But somehow (having a baby and being stuck at home for the last two weeks helped) I managed to not go over the limit too much.
Considering, all of these things were necessities (well except shoes. and there was no room left for the 'wants'. 
So do you budget? Or is it just too hard? Or maybe you are swimming in cash? I would love to hear from you and your experiences in the comments!  
Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's Side Sling Nursing Cami - Enzo Dust
Breastfeeding Tank (3) 19.99
These are a must for any nursing mom. I'm loving and currently living in them. 
Basic Tank(2) 12.99 each
I LOVE how soft these are. Even if you aren't preggo, go get yourself a couple. 
You will thank me later.

Xhilaration® Junior's Burnout Hoodie - Assorted Colors
Pajama Top (2) $12.48
One thing you have to consider when buying PJs for nursing mom is an easy access to the merchandise. I bought a few sets of when I was still pregnant but that aspect somehow escaped my mind.

Striped Flat  $19.99
Shopping with hubby is an adventure when he finds the cutest pair of striped flats. Always looking out for me and then complaining that I have too many shoes. He is the best.

TOTAL: $130.90
                                               over the budget---->$30.90

P.S. Can you tell I love shopping at Target?