March 2, 2015

Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor Toddler Activities

Winter is long and brutal around these parts of the world. Most of the time we are indoors because it's either too cold or we are stricken with another disease. Although there were times when we actually ventured out and left a few footprints on the snow. It's fun and tiring at the same time. When we are indoors we try to stay busy with different kinds of activities but I wouldn't say we are extremely creative. Most of the time new and unusual things will keep Jonathan occupied for a long time. For example a 3 foot Styrofoam bendable cable that daddy had left over from one of the projects is a substitute for a stick - it's soft and safe, he can fall and play with it as he wants.
Her are some other ideas


Build a Fort: kids love nothing more than small spaces they can crawl in and out of. They love forts and those aren't hard to make. Just grab couple chairs and old blankets and make a fun day of play inside

Finger Paint
This might involve a little more work and a lot more supervision but kids love it. Finger paint is cheap and can be purchased at Dollar Store or any craft store. They love to get their hands dirty and making a colorful splash on paper will be beyond exciting

Jump Over Mountain
Jonathan is constantly building huge piles out of pillows and blankets on the bed or on the floor. He loves jumping on them and because it is soft, it's quite safe. Just make sure to supervise if it's on the bed because they loose orientation quickly and can fall right off.

Balloons: every kid (and adult) loves playing with balloons. They are a cheap and fun entertainment that won't annoy you for long and you can be sure will keep the kids occupied. Grab different colored balloons and blow them up to fill a whole room. Play to your heart's content and then pop them when you are done. 


Sledding: grab some sleds and make snow tracks. Although the temperatures may be freezing the kids won't be cold because they are constantly moving and enjoying it. Plus they will sleep so much better after getting some fresh air

Ice Skating: grab some skates and drag that kid on the ice. Chances are, he/she will like it. It is tiring and physically exhausting activity for both parents and kids so there won't be any fighting about bed time.

Walking: bundle up and take a walk. It seems like a lot of work because you have to put on a million layers first on your child than on your self but they will enjoy a change of scenery

Visit the Library: most public libraries have a children't section. It's free and it's fun, with new books and pals to play. What could be better? 

Hardware Store Lessons: most hardware stores offer Saturday morning classes for toddlers and up in which they have many hands on activities. It's free and all you have to do is sign up.

How do you battle winter boredom? What's your trick to keeping toddlers occupied? 

Thank you for stopping by
xo, Anna 

xo, Anna 


  1. Seriously, these are the cutest pictures Anna! What a handsome little boy and what a beautiful mama! I hope the weather starts to warm up for you guys, so you can start doing some outdoor activities! :)

    1. Thank you dear! I can't wait for spring but can only imagine the amount of laundry I will be doing haha

  2. what a cute post! I want to finger paint! I dont know the last time I did that!

    1. I haven't done it EVER... so it will be a treat for both of us:)

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