November 6, 2015

{How To} Stay Healthy During Cold/Flu Season

With the holiday season upon us when the sickness is in the air and cold weather makes us stay inside, there are many threats to our health. Let's talk about natural remedies of prevention sickness, because once you get sick, there is nothing to stop it but let it run its course. However if you can help your body fight the bacteria and kill the nasty germs, you don't have to deal with the consequences of the cold or  flu.

Don't Cut Calories. research showed that people who are on low-cal diet take longer to recover and are most susceptible to viruses. Basically, if your body lacks nutrition, it won't be able to fight off the germs that well. Maintain a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins all winter long with seasonal produce.

Get Good Nigh Sleep: get as much sleep and rest as possible. Of course, it's hard to do when you have little children on hand. Getting ample amount of zzz's let's your body recover, rejuvenate and fight off infections. That is why people with poor nutrition and lack of sleep are much more susceptible to getting sick.

Take Your Vitamins: we all want to think, we are eating nutritious enough diet not to need supplemental vitamins. The truth is, even if you are health freak, most of the time it's about the produce we eat. A lot of it has been processed to maintain color, shape and form. The shelf life longevity cuts down on the quality. I take these and have been very happy with them so far. I notice the difference when I stop taking them in how I feel.

Stay In: germs and bacteria love public places as it's where they multiply the most. During the cold and flu season it pays to be a homebody and research shows that social butterflies get sick most often. Limit the spread of viruses by scaling down on social events. But if you must go out, do so in style with a wide brimmed hat and these adorable gloves.

Exercise: moderate exercise is good for your healthy. Taking a walk, riding a bike or even working outside in your backyard, is all very good for you. As much as we hate to admit it, our population leads very sedentary lifestyle and that's killing our immune systems. Even getting outside for half hour a day can improve your overall health.

Wash Your Hands: you heard your grandma say it and your mom annoyed you to death with it, but there is a lot of data supporting the fact that hand washing reduces the spread of bacteria. It's kind of common sense. When you come home from the grocery store, any time you shake hands with people and any time you handle money, wash your hands. It's as simple as that.

Implement Essential Oils:  We first and foremost want to prevent any health setbacks our immune systems are exposed to. Choose Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade Oils that are safe enough for the entire family starting from birth (with the correct dilution) well into adulthood. Here are a few uses for essential oils.

  • Germ prevention: Make a protective hand sanitizer by simply filling a 4oz glass spray bottle with water and 20 drops of protective blend (Wild Orange essential oil, combined with CloveCinnamonEucalyptus, and Rosemary ). Clove and cinnamon are both high in antioxidants and immune boosting properties. Spray it on hands anytime you go out, shopping carts, door handles and even toilets. 
  • Onset of fever: peppermint essential oil has a very cooling effect and works very effectively to bring a temperature down to a manageable level, when applied topically and diluted to proper level.
  • Body aches and overall fatigue: protective blend (fights the germs), oregano (fights the virus), melaeluca (can penetrate the cell membrane to fight off bacteria), frankincense (immune support) are all used to support immune system..
  • Ear pain: melaleuca, lavender & basil oils are a great go-to to prevent ear infections. One drop of each diluted with 1TBSP of carrier oil (like coconut). Apply behind the ear. Repeat for 24 hours or until pain subsides. This will assist with drainage as well.

These are just a few of things you are can do during the cold and flu season to make sure your body can fight off the viruses and bacteria. Hope it's helpful and be safe!

Stay Healthy with These Essentials

***DISCLAIMER: It is very important to keep in mind that essential oils should be treated as medicine and used with caution, with proper education on the use.. There are so many brands of oils and almost all state on the bottle that they are not safe for ingestion. Please be very careful with that. Feel free to contact me for any information or if you would like to purchase highest grade essential oils.


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