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July 11, 2017

3 Reasons to be Prime Member on Amazon

We love Amazon. There isn't a week, or a few days that go by that we don't get something in the mail. We buy everything from faucets to toilet paper. Yep, my husband found a great deal on toilet paper and ordered a huge pack. Ha! And here are 3 reasons why.

The shipping is what gets me. Only 2-days and you will have the product you want at your door step. Most items Amazon sells are their warehouse and that's millions of products that are available to ship like now. For example, I needed a one piece bathing suit. That means, get a babysitter, go to the mall, try million things on, see nothing fit, return home very disappointed and still have to cook dinner. Instead I scouted the site and found a few I liked. Read the reviews and ordered them. They arrived in 2 days I tried them on and picked the one I liked most. They rest went back. DONE! 

Free returns. Like I already said, you can order a bunch of things, try them on and pick what you want. I love the fact that there are many different designers and price points on Amazon. Also, they have more then enough no brand, cheaper items. If there is something I'm looking for, I first look on Amason knowing that if anything doesn't work out, I can always return it without any hassle, which give me and my husband a pieces of mind. 

All the movies, TV shows and music. We don't have Netflix and the only movies that we watch on a Friday night or a rainy day are on Prime. And there are quite a few. Any time, anywhere on your computer, phone or TV you can watch or listen to the huge selection of videos. I love the fact that I can rent something as well if it's not available with Prime subscription but trust me there's enough.

Swim Suit (runs true to size and I love it!) 

Almond Oil is the only moisturizer I use all over my body. 
That's how I prevented stretch marks during my pregnancy.

The most adorable sandals that I ma or may not have ordered. 

The cutest summer dress ever! (notice it's lined which makes wearing it a breeze)

My favorite tea! Yum! 

Honestly, the best car seat for kids transitioning from carrier to booster. It lasts for a long time and has few reclining positions forward facing as well. Our daughter loves it. 
The best toy in the world! My 4yr old and 2 yr old love to play. They have so much fun building it and destroying it together. Honestly, if you buy any toy, this is it. 

Our kids love puzzles and these are so cute! 

Most amazing and captivating toy! 
Pre-K Learning best tool!