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August 7, 2017

Setting Right Priorities Will Make Your Life Blessed

I recently read some discouraging news about a public figure I admired for years. It simply hurts reading that people you thought were strong and faithful, fall prey, yet again, to the age-old attacks from Satan. It's just so discouraging. If they couldn't make it, what are the chances of me making it in the long haul? Slim to none. Yet, I have the Lord on my side, He is the one who guides and leads me through the valley of the shadows. 

After I read about yet that couple getting a divorce, I started thinking what went wrong. Why did something that God destined to serve as an eternal example of His love ended up breaking into pieces? Why are they not sticking with it? Why are they not putting more effort? Why quit? Why?

I know I am not perfect. Far from it. I have to constantly remind myself of what's more important and why I'm doing what I'm doing because there plenty reasons to quit. Yet, one of the important things I learned in my life is that priorities are what separates people from successes and failures. The way you set your priorities is what makes you, who you are. Basically, whatever is the most important to you, you will love, cherish, spend time with and invest energy in.

Question: What are the most important things in your life?
I was recently reading a few articles about habits and routines of highly successful people and one thing stood out among all of them. They all make something a priority, make a plan and set out to pursue that goal. They narrow down the most important things and only focus on those, while ignoring the distractions and developing themselves in that direction.
Successful people focus on something and make that a huge priority in their life, then work very, very at getting to the point of achievement. Whatever it may be, emotional, spiritual, financial or social prosperity is a matter of priority. It doesn't necessarily make those priorities right, because people pursue all kinds of things that aren't worth the time. But one thing remains the same - setting priorities in correct order will make your life blessed.
God is looking for people who will put Him first, and I don't mean going to church. Making the Lord a priority, means that everything else will follow only after the relationship with Him is fulfilled. It means you don't start a job, build a family or get a new friend without consulting with the Father. He ultimately is your source of strength and wisdom for all decisions. He is the number one priority in your life.
Priorities are what drives us to pursue the life we will eventually live, blessed or completely destroyed. The choice is up to us.

Managing your time wisely and employing personal discipline to pursue the correct priorities will make all the difference in your life. Putting action into your life towards the goal you set out to pursue will release the blessings God has promised to those who love Him. When we make our relationship with Him a priority, the Lord will bless and prosper us in a way we haven't even imagined. The relationship with Him is absolutely worth it all.

Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities.

October 29, 2014

School of Life {God Thoughts}

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A lot of times, we forget how much time and work it takes to get anything good come out of us. No, seriously! The bad habits, awful language and nasty attitude are easy to come by but the good habits, edifying words and sweet attitude are something we have to work on. Work very hard and very long - a life time.

Whenever I make a mistake, say the wrong thing or simply disobey God, I feel like a failure. I feel like there is nothing to be done and I'm a lost cause. I strive for perfection and can't reach it. I look to achieve fault-free character but fail every time.

Perfection is an unattainable illusion because I'm a (forgiven by Jesus Christ) sinner.

I do (and will always) make mistakes but it's how I deal with them that God really looks at. God knows that we are still sinful as His children. He (almost) expects us to fail and that is why He says that we CANNOT do it alone.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me (Phillipians 4:13)

Every mistake, every wrong deed and thought is a learning process that the Lord wants us to participate in. God gives us hard times and puts
 us in difficult circumstances because He wants us to learn something and move on.

As forgiven children of God, we should never stop learning.

God is always willing to take us to new heights in wisdom and understanding of Him if we would only chose to open up our hearts to Him. Most of the time, if we don't, He has to give us those lessons over and over again because, as stubborn children, we refuse to obey.

It may hurt and be difficult but because He LOVES His children, He wants the best for us.

God does everything out of love, never out of anger or impatience. He doesn't punish us because He's tired of our disobedience - He chastises those who he loves the most.

Life is a series of lessons.

Those of us who chose to learn and participate in God's school of life, will be rich in wisdom and understanding, which definitely makes life a lot more joyous. It may hurt sometimes, it may seem difficult or even unfair but God knows the future. Trust Him to take you through those lessons safely and learn from every mistake. 

Is God teaching you a valuable lesson? Have you gone through difficulties without an understanding of why? Now that you've gone through trials, can you see why God put you through them?

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