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June 12, 2013

Can You Spot It?

dress: Old Navy (similar)
boots: Old Navy (similar here or here)
cardigan: Gap
belt: Target 
This post should be titled, 'What's Wrong With The Picture?' 
Take a look. I'll wait. 
Do you see it?
 My neighbors have an infinitely long driveway and a huuuge lawn. I bet they would be thankful /or not. who knows/ that I have increased their property value by at least 10%. 

As I was taking the outfit photos, our neighbor was out with her daughter just taking a walk. I wanted to hurry up and take pictures unnoticed by the public, so these were done in a rush.
Hubby was frustrated with my feet /apparently I have only one pose I put them in and that really bothers him/, and was snapping away, without looking at the background. When I went to edit them, I was standing in front of out neighbors' cars - you can see the license plate and everything. 
To make sure I don't get sued or something twenty years down the road, I resorted to Photoshop. That took a while to figure out and resulted in the said changes. For first time, not so bad. I think.

On a totally opposite note, when is it going to stop raining here? Oh. My. Goodness!
 I was at home second day in a row and I decided to take these boots for a spin. Mostly, I was sick and tired being stuck and Jonathan needed a breather too.There is a limit to hot tea, baking and listening to the sound of rain. Seriously, it's more like a Japanese water torture after a few days. 
But at least I'm loving my brighter-then-the-traffic-light wellies.
Hope you have a great day!

P.S. That is not a baby bump. Just a belly that's left from the first baby bump. I'm working on it, ok?
Also, I'm sending a virtual hug to all who 'like' this.

pleated poppy