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January 28, 2015

Winter Wedding {Weddington Way}

dress: Weddington Way (also love this one)
clutch: Nordstrom
hair clip: Overstock 
wrap: Etsy
bracelet: Nordstrom Rack
pumps: French Connection

Hair, Make Up and Flowers

When Weddington Way asked me to style a winter wedding look, I jumped right on board. I love weddings! I love attending them, decorating them and being in them - it always makes me feel nostalgic and romantic. 

Winter weddings are all about drama! If in summer brides tend to gravitate towards bright colors and all shades of pastels, winter is the time to put some dark colors into play. I love the deep purple and grey combination because it has so much character to it. I added gorgeous faux fur wrap (obviously it's a little chilly) and a pretty hair clip to the silver dress Adding a smokey eye make up and dramatic curly locks, finishes the look perfectly. 

How what do you think? Weddings are fun or a huge waste of time and money?

xo, Anna