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July 25, 2017

Six Flags Parks (New England vs. Great Escape) Review

Let me start by saying that this is not a sponsored post and I'm just writing it because I didn't find this information anywhere else. Maybe one of you will find it helpful since I've had ton of people ask me where we went and how did it go.


- the park is divided into two sections - roller coasters/rides and water park. All the water activities are in one place with its own cafe and locker rooms
- there are plenty of bathrooms all over the park 
- great section for little ones under 8yrs old. They have a section that has smaller versions of big rides just for young kids in the middles of the park. It has cute little houses they can play in and run around together exploring
- the kids section offers a train ride that goes quite the ways around with scenic road along a pond with beautiful water lilies
- the afro mentioned pond offers rides on swan boats, and a beaver who lives in the bushes, ducks that feed on left over crumbs and plenty of frogs to keep little ones' eyes glued to the water.
- good selection of roller coasters of 'not so crazy rides'
- fairly good sized park with little bit of everything for people of every age especially for families with little children
- lots to do for those who don't like roller coasters
- adorable diner and ice cream place right across the road from parking lot
- everything is accessible by stroller and there are no stairs to climb
- there are a lot of food options in the area within a few minutes drive
- very clean park with garbage cans everywhere
- good security system and up to date scans

- the cafe in the water park area offers beer which I don't think is a very smart choice given that you are next to water and surface is very slippery. It's very easy to trip and fall especially if you are tipsy
- the water in park is very cold. It's straight from tap and isn't heated anywhere
- the height restrictions don't allow kids under the limit to go with an adult on some rides, so there is a minimum and maximum height
- food offerings are limited and as usual way too expensive
- we bought our season passes to be used at all Six Flags parks but only my husband and I redeemed our cards while we were in Six Flags New England. Our kids still didn't have cards when we were entering Six Flags Great Escape. As we approached the scanner it told us that we are at a wrong park. Basically you have to get your cards at the park that you are intending to visit the first time. Since we did have a proof of purchase with us, they let us in 'just this time'. Next time we have to drive to MA to get our Six Flags Season Membership cards. This is ridiculous. Since you buy the membership for all parks you should be able to get the card wherever. I think.
- they do not enforce the dress code and a lot of people were walking in bathing suits all over the park

We loved it. It had enough to do for our little kids and they were excited to go on all the small rides. The park was clean and had a very nice feel to it. We will definitely make this our park and come back again which makes buying season passes worth it.

- large park with a lot to do for all ages
- mostly designed for older children (8yrs old and up) and adults who love roller coasters
- lots of different roller coasters with many themes and speeds
- largest  and tallest Spider Man roller coaster ride in New England (221 ft drop at 77mph)
- tallest swing ride in the world which offers awesome views (I assume ha!)
- great for those seeking thrills and huge rides with older kids or alone

- not designed for small children in mind. It does have a section with few rides for little ones but there are huge towering coasters ride above with people screaming and ruining the whole experience
- food options are very poor, no good healthy choices
- the parking lot is way too far from the park itself. it took us good 15 minutes to walk from our car to the entrance
- the cards are attached to your finger print in their electronic system (at both parks) and no one except you can use the card.
- you have to rent a locker for most maximum thrill rides because they do not hold on to your valuables while you ride. 
- maybe it was just me but music was glaring everywhere 

Not a good place for families with little children but awesome place for kids who love coasters. Best thrill rides in New England for the value. I think if you like thrill rides the season passes is totally worth it, they have a large selection of rides for all thrill seekers. I did not enjoy myself at all because I got sick after the very first ride. After that, no amount of pep talk could get me to ride anymore roller coasters. 

Hope you find it helpful and enjoy whichever park you choose. Take the time and be with your families, do something everyone enjoys!