March 1, 2013

Five Things

I've realized that if I post a picture a day of this precious face, I will have enough cuteness until the end of times. I mean, look at that angel!

So everyone is tagging everyone on Instargam with five random things about the individual. Whoever came up with it, hit the spot and it's like a plague going around Web now. Natalie brought it into blogosphere and I think it's here to stay. I've been tagged  too (well, sorta), so here is my five things.

//1// When I was around fiver or six years old, I wanted to be a judge when I grew up (at least that's what my mom tells me I told everyone). Then I saw the cost of tuition for law school.

//2// When I first met my future husband, I disliked him. I mean, we were butting heads for a while, as we hung out in the same youth group. Once on a sledding trip we were playing around and I accidentally knocked glasses off his face. We found the glasses. I did say sorry. To this day, hubby swears I did it on purpose.

//3// Besides my secondary education, I went to music school for seven years and art school for five starting 6 years old. I did not have a moment of free time until my last two years of high school.

//4// I'm a clean freak except I hate doing dishes. I will scrub my house from top to bottom and vacuum and wash everything, only I may leave dishes for hubby to finish (if at all possible).

//5// When I was twelve years old, I spent entire summer in  Norway's country side. Our parents were working on strawberry farm and my sister and I were having a blast. Talk about spoiled.

Therefore to keep the ball rolling, I tag ShelbyKayleeDanielleAbbey and Jessica

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  1. Anonymous2.3.13

    I love this post. Norway how awesome! And I'm a HUGE nest freak too but I have a junk closet. I guess I pick my vices. : )


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