May 29, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons
 Pink Lemon Dress,   Iphone Case,   Sweater,   Keds, Oven Mitt,   Slice Lemon Purse,  Paper Napkins,    Straw Bag,    Art Frame,    Bathing Suit,   Placemat,    Necklace,    Strapless Dress
Honestly, I'm not the one to jump on the trend bandwagon as soon as it arrives. I usually take a while to warm up to certain ideas and maybe the last blogger on the planet earth that doesn't owe anything camo. Yep, still not very fond of that trend. But when I saw lemons on everything from paper napkins to handbags, it was love at first sight. It's such a fun and summery trend, which made me feel refreshed even without lemonade in my hand. So if life gives you lemons, make a trend out of it. I wonder who's life was going sour that they decided to put it on their designs. In any case, it's such a fun and quirky print that, even though I probably will not be getting a lemon bag, I will at least grab some table napkins. 
What do you think of this summer print? Yay or nay?
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  1. I am not too bothered whether it's lemons, bananas or coconuts.. :) If I like the pattern and colours, then it's all good and in this case I defo like what I see, so I would love to wear all of these.

  2. Lemons and Pineapples!!!! They're my fav right now, one of each please! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  3. YES to all of this - so so so cute! :)
    Nikki at


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