January 8, 2015

Pregnancy Tips - What I Learned Last Time

This is the nicest picture from my last pregnancy, the rest, I must say are quite horrible. My style has evolved in last two years and I hope this pregnancy is going to be different from the last. I've learned a few things and gained a few wisdom pounds. I want to share with you some hard learned lessons and things people don't want to talk about. Maybe you have read them somewhere or never heard of such things, but these are the things I've learned. Every woman's pregnancy is different and if you are to experience anything which gives you worry, seek medical advice. Otherwise, learn from my mistakes and enjoy your preggo time.

1. Watch Your Weight. 
Paying attention to your weight should not be just a thing you do before you get pregnant but during pregnancy also. First, it's easier on your entire body to not carry extra pounds, and second you will have much easier time getting back in shape once you deliver. The American culture promotes 'eat for two' mantra for pregnant women and even supports unhealthy weight gain (up to 35lb). Whereas, in most European country the top number is 25 pounds after which the doctor will warn you that you are gaining too much weight. I've been there. I know how easy it is to let yourself go and just give the 'i'm pregnant' excuse. In the end no one will suffer but you. So do yourself a favor - eat a healthy, balanced diet full of protein, leafy greens and fruit. It's OK to treat yourself once in a while but don't make it a regular part of your diet.

2. Keep Hydrated. 
During pregnancy it's very important to keep well hydrated with water, not with sugar drinks or soda. The baby is swimming in amniotic fluid the entire time which can be up to 1000ml and you will need more water than usual to keep up with the demands of your changing body. Drinking about 10-12 glasses of water a day plus adding 2 glasses for every hour of light exercise. Juices can count as part of fluid intake but remember they have lots of extra calories and sugar which can make you more thirsty. Dehydration can cause edema, dizziness, nausea, headache and cramps.

3. Exercise Regularly
Being active during pregnancy helps with a lot of things. Not only will it help you stay active and keep your weight gain to a minimum, it will help with backaches, fatigue and even constipation. After the baby is born you will find it easier to spring back into exercise routine if you kept it up during pregnancy, Also it's a good way to relax, relieve stress and get out of the house. Staying active doesn't mean a grueling work out at the gym. Walking, hiking, and swimming are all great options to keep active. 

4. Invest in Shape Wear
Dressing like a woman is very important during pregnancy. Wearing the right shape wear can make or break an outfit. It really is a life-saver especially during the last trimester. Don't be fooled - all the celebrities, bloggers and other ladies who seem to have the perfect bump wear it. It's the little secret no one talks about. The right shape wear can help support your growing belly, hide the extra pounds and help you feel and look your best. Find what works for you and because you will be wearing it day in and day out, go for the best. 

5. Have (more) Sex. 
During the last trimester it becomes increasingly difficult to have intimacy because of the bulging belly in the way. While you may be puking your guts out the first trimester, take advantage of the time you have together. After the baby arrives it will be several weeks or even months before you body goes back to normal and you will actually care for anything except sleep. Having a baby is a life-changing experience so enjoy the pleasures of life while you still can. Your hubby will love the new found enthusiasm and you will ease the aches of pregnancy with a little bit of pleasure. 

6. Be Aware of Emotions. 
It's a well know fact that pregnant women are a little bit more emotional than usual. They get upset easily, cry at the sight of a cute kitten and get angry at the dishwasher (personal experience). Being aware that changes are happening in your body and staying in tune with your emotions can help you spare other people's feelings. Again, only because you are pregnant it doesn't mean you can run over other people and say whatever you want. Also, it will help you with recognizing emotional eating and fatigue. It's a stressful time so taking extra care of yourself, resting whenever possible. Sharing how you feel will help you avoid unnecessary confrontations and hurt feelings. 

7. Trust Your Gut. 
A lot of times pregnant women are accused of overreacting and panicking for no reason. Other times that gut feeling saves lives. My first pregnancy I had a gut feeling to switch hospitals and go to a more holistic place with natural birth in mind. I didn't listen to myself and paid for it with a c-section. Of course, there were other factors which contributed to my c-section but over all I think it could have been avoided. If you are feeling restless, it's better be safe than sorry. We are talking about another human being here so trust your motherly instinct!

I hope these things help you in some way!
xo, Anna


  1. all great advice! I didn't gain a lot with my first two but with the last one it was just a free for all and I ended up gaining more weight thinking it will just come off with breastfeeding. It hasn't, and now I have a lovely 20 lbs I need to lose the hard way lol..

    congrats on your pregnancy, I cant wait to see the maternity outfits you put together this time around

    1. Thank you Luda! It sure is difficult with gaining as little weight as possible because we are just so much more hungry with pregnancy. thank you for stopping by

  2. Thanks for the tips! All good ones! We were pregnant for some of the time last time (my son was born a few months after yours), and I am newly pregnant also, due early August. I don't know how you dress as great as you do being a full-time mom... I am not nearly as motivated!

    1. Thank you Courtney! I love hearing from mamas who are pregnant also.. And I'm due at the end of July - early August too.... hope have an easy pregnancy

    2. He he! Love that we are due almost the same time! The actual date is August 2nd, so it could happen either July or August, but since I was late with my first, I am automatically adding a week or so to spare me any disappointment! I will be checking in on you throughout the journey!

    3. Courtney! The same thing here - I was late the first time and now I'm not even thinking about July. Congratulations!


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