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March 14, 2016

Jonathan's 3rd Birthday Party {Construction Theme}

And just like that my little boy turned 3 YEARS OLD! Where did the time go? Honestly. Also, somehow it took me a month to post this and now I wonder how I had the time to do this every day!?

It was such a blast to plan a birthday party for my boy because he really enjoyed taking part in making the cake and setting everything up. He begged me to help with the cake and couldn't wait for everyone to show so he can 'play' with it. 
I didn't want to throw a huge family affair where he would be bored but invited more kids then adults. Also, I went with a simple brunch menu and cake for dessert. Everyone loved the cake and enjoyed the party! It was short but sweet and more then anything he can't stop talking about the cake and all the boys and girls that came over.

Spinach and artichoke quiche 
Ham and Swiss panini
Turkey and Asiago panini 
French toast casserole 
Hot crab salad on crostini
Dump truck cake

Plates, cups, forks, construction paper, - Dollar Store
Caution Tape - Home Depot
Balloons, black gumballs, goodies bags, hard hat - Party City
Signs, candy rocks for the cake - Hobby Lobby

December 3, 2015

Christmas DIY {Kids Activities}

It's only 4:45pm and the world has become pitch black. You can't go outside because it's too cold and again, pitch black. You really don't want to stay inside but again, pitch black isn't very inviting. Does this sound familiar? Every year, Christmas time is the most wonderful time of year but most daunting task is to keep kids occupied. Here is an idea that will sure to please little ones and big kids alike.