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June 19, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Every year, Father's Day is sort of a bitter sweet holiday. I'm saddened by the fact that my own father wants nothing to do with me, at the same time so very happy to see my own husband become an amazing dad. I think our culture under appreciates fathers and those who carry on the roles of dads. We put a lot of emphasis on mothers and what they do, but the male role in the family gets overlooked more times than not. 
Fathers are not just a half of the embryo equation but truly most important people in children's lives. I think it's time we placed fathers into the position they should be. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but I wonder how many fathers would pick up the slack and do their part if only we, mothers, give them a chance. If we respect father's opinion on what the children should do, where they go and how they behave without constant critique, they we will be more involved in their children's lives. And isn't that what we all want? A father who is present and an active caretaker of his children, not just an occasional babysitter. 

So this father's day, I'm happy to see my family grow with another munchkin, knowing that she will be loved, disciplined, spoiled and cared for by her daddy. Although we may disagree on things sometimes, only because I'm a mother my voice doesn't trump his, and vice versa. 
I hope you take time this weekend to thank and honors fathers or those who play a role of a father in your life, or your children's lives. 
Happy Father's day to you dads!

June 9, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

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Hello there! It seems like time is passing me by as we are already in month of June. The next holiday that's around the corner is Father's Day. Although it seems like you have time to think about a gift for the Father(s) in your life, time doesn't stand still. Here I found some of the coolest gifts around and made them easy to shop in one location. Everything from trendy ties for the father who likes to dress well to a culinary connoisseur and the builder (a personalized hammer anyone?), it's all here. I love the vintage clock that's also an alarm because my husband definitely needs one on his side of the bed, as well as some cool grilling tools and spices to go with his new grill. Also, a new quality leather watch will put a smile on any dad's face. I think a ROKU subscription will dub you the 'favorite kid' and that's not a bad idea. I hope you have fun shopping for dad although it's not so easy most of the time. 
Have a great day!