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March 29, 2017

Simple Easter Table Decor

Hello there! It's spring time and I'm so excited! We have had a mild winter but last snow storm left us wishing for a little bit more sunshine. It's officially spring on the calendar it does not feel so outside. Even though, I have been bringing small pieces of spring inside my house. I definitely changed my front door wreath and started the Easter table setup. Not a lot of people (me included) have hundreds of dollars for table decor, especially since it's a very short season. I gathered what I had around the house and this is what I came up with. I did buy the flowers ($20) from Michael's and the M&M's  with eggs ($2.28 each) from Walmart. Thinking outside the box and using what you have on hand will yield most unique results. If you look closer you will notice that my drinking glasses are all different but that's even more fun. I used clothespins to hold name cards and simple plastic plates inside the real ones which can be used for salad (or dessert). There are no rules and as long as you like the finished result, that's all that matters. 
Hope you draw inspiration and get some ideas on how to set up your Easter table.

Materials Needed
Paper plates (color of your choice)
Plastic eggs
Styrofoam Bunnies
Paper Grass

November 6, 2014

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape {Home Decor}

Thanksgiving | Fall Tablescape | Rustic Simple Table | Happy Medley

I know that most of us don't have unlimited budgets when it comes to decor, so here is a look on a budget because who isn't trying to save a couple bucks. 

Every time I go on Pinterest to find holiday table inspiration, I love the pretty silverware and the gold accents. But, I cannot spend hundreds of dollars on just table decor, how about food? How about storing all that junk once the holiday is over? I don't have a basement and my garage is stuffed with junk already so really, it's not an option. 

This year, I wanted to create something pretty, simple and affordable, so I dug through my decor and bought some pumpkins at the farmers market. I wanted to create a Thanksgiving table look with everything that I already have. I mean, the pumpkins and gourds were 2/$1 and that's a great deal considering they are almost $5 each at the store. 

I totally forgot about these napkin rings that I scored on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond for dirt cheap, so they came in handy. Flowers I had from my birthday and napkins were laying around for few years unused. The vases I bought at the local Salvation army, filled them with red and white beans, and green and yellow peas (I think you can do red lentils for a pop of color, only I was all out at the time) then placed a candle on top.

And ta-da!!! 

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