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March 29, 2017

Simple Easter Table Decor

Hello there! It's spring time and I'm so excited! We have had a mild winter but last snow storm left us wishing for a little bit more sunshine. It's officially spring on the calendar it does not feel so outside. Even though, I have been bringing small pieces of spring inside my house. I definitely changed my front door wreath and started the Easter table setup. Not a lot of people (me included) have hundreds of dollars for table decor, especially since it's a very short season. I gathered what I had around the house and this is what I came up with. I did buy the flowers ($20) from Michael's and the M&M's  with eggs ($2.28 each) from Walmart. Thinking outside the box and using what you have on hand will yield most unique results. If you look closer you will notice that my drinking glasses are all different but that's even more fun. I used clothespins to hold name cards and simple plastic plates inside the real ones which can be used for salad (or dessert). There are no rules and as long as you like the finished result, that's all that matters. 
Hope you draw inspiration and get some ideas on how to set up your Easter table.

Materials Needed
Paper plates (color of your choice)
Plastic eggs
Styrofoam Bunnies
Paper Grass

January 30, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery

Ever since I found out that I'm pregnant, I've been working on ideas for the nursery. Sometimes, I would lay sleepless during the night and think what I would like to do. I've been gathering materials ever since we got married - those sheep that I bought almost 5 years ago, Russian cartoon characters my mom brought from motherland and books that I read when I was a little girl. 
My first thought was to make it navy blue and green. I wanted an accent wall and was looking for wall paper. So when I found this striped teal number, I absolutely loved it and changed my mind about the colors. 
Teal walls and bedding with brown furniture seemed a little boring. So I added a pop of color with subtle orange accents. 
I LOVE the end product and very often go sit in my favorite chair (it reclines, rocks and swivels! I received it as a Christmas present from hubby) while reading. 
He really is so amazing, kind and the best kind of good. 
Did I mention it's the warmest room in the house? Yep, nice and cozy!

Crib: Pottery Barn Kendal Fixed Gate Crib
Dresser: Ikea MALM 4 Drawer Chest
Bedding: Pottery Barn Harper Bedding
Standing Lamp: Walmart DIY (Spray painted colored that I wanted)
Mommy's Chair: Natuzzi Liri Leather Recliner
Clock: Target (sold out)
Table Lamp: Target
Bassinet: Gift (Target)
Changing Table: passed down from my sister
"I Love You" PrintsLa Posh Design (custom made)
FramesHobby Lobby
Rocking Horse: Vintage (handmade present from our neighbor)

January 3, 2013


Welcome to 2013!
I this point, I think it is safe to say I have no interesting clothes/outfits left to show you...
I have two pairs of jeans, a few sweaters and one coat which make my daily outfits that require venturing out of the house. If I'm not going anywhere, it's pajamas and more pajamas. They're kind of my thing now. Although I do have couple cute polka PJs, I doubt they would make for a good outfit post.
So since I'm not going many places lately and it's freezing cold outside, I have something else to focus on - our new house and the nursery.
I'll be cheating with window drapery and wall art, nursery letters and area rugs, and then blogging about it.
Making a space beautiful takes time and I am the worst when it comes to patience. It looks so empty and not done at the house that I want to just go buy curtains, wall art, lamps and rugs all at once to make the space look a little more homey. But at the same time I want to get it just right.
I already purchased curtains and then took them back.
Now on the second trial, so far so good..
What do you think? Red walls with chevron pattern curtains?
I'm as indecisive as I am impatient.
Help the impatient and the indecisive .

P.S. For the title I wanted to make sure that you could read HELP from the other side ;)