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December 18, 2014

7 Thoughtful Things to Do This Christmas Season


I love to receive gifts. I love to give gifts. But more than anything I like thoughtful gifts that speak volumes without saying a word. Those are the gifts I tend to remember and cherish for a long time, while I will probably forget where that wallet came from. 
The consumer driver industry tells me to make more gift guides and include everyone including your pet. But I want to share with you  ways to give this Christmas season that will cost you close to nothing, except your time.

1. Bake Cookies. You can gather family together for this occasion and enjoy the whole process together. Who wouldn't like to enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie in a lovely company? Or you can bake different types of cookies and give them as gifts in pretty tins or bags. You can also throw a cookie-exchange party and enjoy everyone's creations, while you only have to bake one. 

2. Volunteer. There are plenty of places where they can use your help during holiday season. For example in our town it may be pregnancy center, hope house or soup kitchen. Donating your time is the most valuable resource because a lot of people get busy this time of year and those in need get overlooked the most. 

3. Babysit. During this time of year, mothers are especially busy, preparing food, buying gifts and receiving out of town guests. A mother may be overwhelmed and stressed out trying to make a perfect Christmas for her family. Don't forget to take some time and volunteer your services even for a few hours. She will appreciate it very much.

4. Visit a Nursing Home. Go to your local nursing home and visit with folks, listen to their stories and sing Christmas carols. They will be glad to see you and it will break  their monotonous routine. Just don't forget to bring cookies - older folks don't care about calories so pile them on. 

5. Give Blood. Donating blood is one of the single most selfless things you can do for others this holiday season (and the rest of the year). Just one pint of blood can save up to three lives. Not everyone is eligible to give blood, so check with your local blood center to see if you can give this generous gift.

6. Pay It Forward. Make some one's day by paying for their coffee at drive-thru or order at restaurant. They may never get a chance to thank you but will be elated at the thought of such kindness. You can even include a note that the waiter can bring to them with Merry Christmas wishes. 

7. Write a Letter. People all over the world are separated from their family during this holiday season. It can get lonely and depressing especially for troops and volunteers overseas. Write them a letter of appreciation and send a box of cookies. It may get there late but nevertheless it will make them feel closer to home.