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July 27, 2015

Family Photos

If anything was keeping this babe from showing up, were our family photos. I've been a huge procrastinator this time around, waiting until I was 39+ weeks pregnant to do a belly family shoot. Honestly, I'm glad we finally got that done and she can come any minute. Please say a prayer for this mama who's more than ready to get the show on the road. Have a great Monday and the rest of your week!

October 4, 2013

Cute and Cranky

The amount of faces this kid makes is just too much. The grimaces are hard to explain and happen at the most unexpected moments. He is very vocal and animated so sometimes just watching him from aside is fun. He can be very happy and then very serious in a matter of seconds.
I mean, this face, you guys is too much for Friday morning.

Besides being the cutest kid on the planet (too far?), he has been cranky.

 Last two weeks he hasn't been sleeping or eating well. We both had a cold and a runny nose, so that may have had something to do with it. 
So forgive me if I haven't been on this bloggidy blog lately because frankly, the most important thing on my mind right now is getting ample amounts of sleep. And chasing after a baby who can climb steps, crawl and constantly pull on my legs, begging to be picked up. 

December 20, 2012

It's Not The Number

Just showing off my cute pregnant belly...
Love you baby boy...

There are lots of things on mind and none of them involve taking a picture of my outfit.. 
It's more of a reflection on myself...

One thing is for sure - I have some body image issues. I mean, who doesn't? But when you think that 'number' on the scale is the definition of slim, pretty and cute, you are ohhh so wrong.
 It's soooo not the number.
 I thought that once I'm married, I wouldn't have those issues. After all, I'd have a man who adores me and loves my body just the way it is. Nope. Wrong. Not skinny/slim/fit/ enough.
Then, once I'm pregnant, for sure, I will let my body do its thing. After all, I'm carrying another life inside me and he needs some extra calories. So a few pounds of extra weight for the great cause won't make me cringe when looking at the scale. Nope. Wrong again. Gaining too much weight
The problem is not the number on the scale but how we see ourselves. 
A healthy body image is not just a word for me, it's something unattainable. I felt that if I was ever satisfied with my body, you will let myself go and become a fat pig. But that's (probably) not true. 
Looking at yourself and realizing that you are not Gisele Bundchen is one thing, but another to constantly see faults that make you feel like you hate this body. 
Not a good attitude towards yourself. It makes you an unsatisfied person. And that transfers into everything - from your butt to the men bagging your groceries at the store.
An unhappy way to live that starts with not liking the size of your butt only because you can't fit into size 2. 
Last thought.
God gave us the bodies that we posses. Wow! This puts the entire blah-blah-blah psychological nonsense into a whole another perspective. So if I don't like how God naturally created me, with all my flaws and faults, I'm saying I don't like what He has done. But God knows best. All of his creation is very good
Therefore, I'm wonderfully made (Psalm Bible reference). 
Thank you Lord for making me just the way I am.
And thank you for this wonderful little life growing inside me. 

October 18, 2012

Something Special

My Outfit: sweater, jeans: Gap, blazer, heels: H&M 

  With the pregnancy progressing and having my bump at that perfect time when it's showing just enough but I don't look like a whale yet, we wanted to record this precious time. 
So I did a little shopping, packed a couple of outfits, made a cute baby banner, provided huge amount of inspiration by Pinterest, and headed downtown for some picture time.
 The weather was great but as we got there, then the wind picked up and I instantly turned into an icicle. 
But three outfits later and whole bunch of walking around in high heels, we had what we came for. 
Here is a sneak peek at the lovely couple with a bump...

P.S. All the pictures were taken by Eli from Elimaging Photography.