April 6, 2015

Keeping the Sparkle {Marriage}

To be honest, last few weeks have been really (really) exhausting, physically and emotionally. We both got sick in the middle of a home remodel. The quick remodel turned out to be a two-month-long project which is still not completely done. We were both short and grumpy most of the time, exhausted from the amount of work that needs to be done and regular household duties. My pregnancy hormones and constant backache didn't help the situation. Add to that a few disagreements and you have yourself completely miserable people. 
And so we were...

You know, when you are getting married and tell yourself that you will never behave like that or this, or ever be like your parents? Well, all that runs out at about year five. When you become comfortable and lazy with the way you treat each other and mostly don't even have real time alone. Stress of life, work and personal struggles puts a huge strain on marriage and kids add to it. We love our boy and wouldn't trade him for the world but it felt like WE became non important to each other.
This weekend was a gentle reminder of how not true that is.
It's those little things we take for granted that make the relationship great. The things I don't notice because I'm too busy, too self involved or distracted. 

When he washes the dishes without asking. 
Gives me a random kiss at the dinner table, in front of our family. 
Wants to take a picture of just us. I mean, that hasn't happened since like forever. 
Gives me a smile across the crowded room in church.
Puts a gentle kiss on my forehead before heading out of the door while I'm sleeping. I wake up but keep my eyes closed just to  savoir that sweet and tender moment.
Puts Jonathan to sleep every night.
Buys band aids on the way home from work because we were all out. 
Complements me on my new dress. 
Warms up the car before we leave the house. 
It's those good deeds that keep sparkle in a relationship but when go unnoticed and unappreciated, they die out.

So do the small thing.
Love will sizzle and the sparks will fly every which way, when the love of your life feels cherished, cared for, and appreciated.


  1. Such a beautiful picture!

  2. I love the small things! They are always great reminders of what it truly important!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    1. The little things always get me more than huge gestures. Thank you for stopping by Jacqueline

  3. This is such a nice article! It is always the small things that can make a difference. You both look like such lovely people and I love that photo! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    1. Thank you Denise! The weekend was so nice - we needed some time with family

  4. yes so true! love is in the little things as well and we should take more time in appreciating them :)


    1. Carolyn, you are so right!

  5. Great post. It is important to remember that our husbands often do small, romantic things all the time. Sounds like you all have a great relationship. And by the way, congrats! I don't think I have said that yet. You look beautiful. I'm enjoying keeping up with your maternity styled.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    1. Thank you Amy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets carried away sometimes. We do have some great husbands

  6. This is such a sweet post and a beautiful picture! Lovely reminder :)


    1. Thank you Caitlin! We all need it sometimes

  7. Lovely post! It is so hard to not become "those people" as the marriage progresses year after year. My hubby and I are trying to figure it out to. I completely agree that the small thoughtful moments help keep the romance alive, but I also love the grand gestures that happen when you first date too
    Dresses & Denim

    1. Carly, you are right! Marriage is tough but in the end, having a good relationship is well worth it.

  8. What a lovely post. Marriage is not all about romance, but romance keeps it going. I know how exhausting it can be to be pregnant and have toddlers you also have to look after...you look fantastic!!

    ~ xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  9. such a sweet post! the little things are the best!

    1. I know right Kelsey! Thank you for stopping by

  10. So beautiful!!!!! Made me smile!


  11. beautiful statement. i will try to remind all that once we take this step forward.

  12. Aww! Good post!
    I'm married to the love of my life for 2 years now and I hate to admit that I'm starting to get distracted with other things and I don't notice those little love language he is giving to me.

    PS you look stunning in the dress!

    Fun Fashion Mix

  13. I appreciate how kind you are about your husband. It's (sadly) a rarity these days. It's so important to remember all the things they do for us, huh? Such a sweet post. You look amazing, btw!


  14. I loved this post so much. Such a great post. Thanks for sharing this about you and your hubby. It really is about the little things. My fiance and I have been together for over 6 years, and I really appreciate the little things that he does.

    Diary of Elegance


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