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June 29, 2015

Navy Dress Remix

dress: Vince Camuto via TJMaxx c/o (similar)
chambray: LOFT (similar)
belt: old
clutch: DIY (similar)
heels: similar
bracelet: TJMaxx

necklace: similar
watch: Fossil (on sale!)
Hello everyone! I can't believe how fast time is flying and it seems like in every pictures the bum is getting bigger ha. There is a little bit left to go and I'm counting down the days. Among being active and eating less sodium, I'm also taking red raspberry leaf tea capsules - the reviews seem to suggest that they help tone the uterus and ease the labor (if there is such thing ;-). One thing I'm praying for is not to carry past 40 weeks with which the capsules supposedly help also. Do any of you have advice or experience with that? Considering I was late the first time, I will take anything!

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June 15, 2015

Like a Million Bucks

dress: Vince Camuto c/o TJMaxx (similar)
necklace: old (similar)
pumps: JCPenny (similar)
bag: Amazon (Tory Burch)
watch: FOSSIL
bracelet: Kate Spade
sunglasses: Choies c/o

Well hello there! Look who got dressed up again. ha! I'm in love with this stretchy jersey dress that I found in TJMaxx recently. I have three weddings to go to and bridal shower before my due date and I have lost all hope at finding something pretty to wear. Then, I found this dress! It literally makes me feel like a million bucks and that's a great thing when you are 33 weeks pregnant. If you are on look out for a great maternity dress (that will double as non maternity once you have the baby) hit up your TJMaxx - I love their selection and constant new inventory. Thank you for stopping by!

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November 26, 2013

Color Scheme

blouse: Vince Camuto
skirt: from Belarus
shoes: Guess
coat: DKNY
For different seasons I like to stick with a single color scheme. For summer it's pastels and whites and for fall it's deep reds and yellows. Now that we are in full swing winter here, I'm all about blacks and greens. But before Thanksgiving is over this is the last outfit in fall color scheme. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! 

September 25, 2013

The Mistakes We Make

blouse: Vince Camuto
skirt watch: Target
purse: Kate Spade
shoes: Tahari
glasses: DKNY
I'm the type of person who has played it safe all my life. I haven't made any 'big', life-altering mistakes and stayed on the 'good girl'side. But there are plenty of times when I have made a mess.

The worst mistake that I made was in 10th grade. No really. I was taking my Russian language exam (should be easy right?) but was too distracted with church activities (ready: lazy) to write an essay on a topic of my choice. I went online and downloaded a good looking (too perfect) paper about the last Tsar in Russia and submitted it. So dumb! Did I really think I wouldn't get caught? 
The thing is that I could write a stellar paper in Russian language without any problems. 
But I was lazy and ignorant, thinking I was better then anyone else, that I wouldn't get caught.

Upon receiving the paper, the grading teacher, of course, knew I copied it off internet. She was really kind to give me another chance instead of reporting me for cheating. I was so embarrassed and felt HORRIBLE. Which I should.
I went home and wrote the paper (all by myself) without telling a soul about what happened and received 98% on the exam.
I told this story to only one person and kept this moment of shame to myself. 

What's the lesson(s)?
First no matter what, do what's right.  And not just because you will get caught but because it is the right thing to do. 
Second, learn from your mistakes. I learned that mercy trumps judgement; that giving people second ( and third) chances will humble them and teach them life's greatest lessons.
God gives us second (and third, fourth... and millionth) chance to change and we still mess up. Thank goodness for His mercy.
The mistakes we make help shape us into the people we are today. 

May 9, 2013

Everyday Life

tee: H&M, pants: Target, necklace: Burlington Coat Factory, clutch: TJMAxx, shoes Vince Camuto
Everyday life gets boring.
 Its mundane existence sometimes just drags between grocery shopping, running errands, working and making dinners. 
But then there are days when you realize how fast the time is going. One day you wake up and you are married, with a fancy college degree (that gave you a fancy student loan) and have a baby to take care of. Then you decide to make the most every moment of every day. That lasts about a day until the mundane and the boring gets to ya. And the cycle repeats.
But what's different now is that this new life that you brought into this world has forever changed everything. Seriously! Life is never dull anymore, it's full of glorious ups and downs. 
Every day is never boring. Ever again.