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May 30, 2013

One Good Thing

dress: TJMaxx (similar), belt: Loft (similar), wedges: Old Navy DIY (similar), sunnies: DKNY
Hi there. Yes, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. Yet.
I had an infection and bad case of sinuses. Haven't been this sick ever since I got pregnant and I think my body forgot how to be sick. Which is a good thing. 
 I was tired, stuffed up, feverish, grouchy and all over achy the entire weekend.  I wasn't able to sleep at night because I was so stuffed up, which in turn kept hubby up. I was miserable. It was even less fun being around me as I moped and groped around the house.
One good thing came out of it though - I got breakfast in bed and lots of sleep as hubby was taking care of Jonathan. 
Also can I just talk about how much I love this white lace dress, which is all the craze right now. 
I bought it about 3 years ago because it was just so beautiful on the hanger in the store but I haven't gotten the courage to wear a white dress. 
After all, I didn't want to look like princess bride. But with just the right accessories, and shoes, this thing can be styled in a million ways while looking very chic. Honestly, I don't know why I haven't been wearing it more. Coming right up.
Hope you are having a great day!

May 23, 2013


top: TJMaxx (similar), cardigan: Old Navy (similar), skirt: NY&Co (similar), heels: Guess(similar) , belt: Target, sunnies: DKNY
 We've been hit with some severe thunderstorms for the last couple of days and, of course, I had to be dumb enough to get stuck on the interstate in the middle of whole thing. Yep, only me. 
Tuesday we had sort of a spring cleaning day and and after we were done, I headed out to get groceries. The sky was looking dark and I knew we were supposed to get a storm in the afternoon, but that, THAT was not a storm. Lemme tell ya! 
I was checking out in Walmart, a gentlemen behind me in line said that we were supposed to be hit with some severe winds, rain, thunder, lightning and hail, (yep! hail) at approximately 7:45. I asked him to check the time for me and it was 7:42. I almost forgot half of my grocery bag and ran to my car. I barely, I mean b-a-r-e-l-y made it to the car and loaded my groceries. 
I started raining. 
I should have went home right away but no.
We needed diapers and they were on sale at Walgreen's across the town. I looked at the dark blue, like-in-the-movies-before-the-bad-guys-take-over-the-world sky and decided that it's probably not going to be that bad. And I headed straight into the eye of the storm. 
Two minutes later and I regretted that decision. Bitterly.
Two minutes later I couldn't see more then 10 feet in front of me. Traffic was barely moving and the cars were pulling off on the side of the road. 
Then the hail started to come down and my car started swaying from side to side like I was on the great wide open sea. I pulled over to the side of the road and started praying. 
I WAS SCARED and oh so glad I didn't have Jonathan with me. 
I called my husband. Then I called my mom and told her not to go anywhere. 
Ten minutes later and it was still bad out so I decided to slowly make my way to the store. There was so much water, I was literally swimming through the interstate. 
Thank God, I safely made it through barely moving traffic, knocked down tree branches and not working traffic lights. 
So next time you see dark as night sky what are you going to do? Turn around and head home. 

May 22, 2013

Black And White

blouse: Forever21 (similar), skirt: thrifted (similar), shoes: BCBGirls (similar), necklace: gift, clutch: Macy's (similar)
I'm not the type of girl who just jumps on the trend train right away. If there is a trend fever going around, I'm probably going to be the last person on the planet Earth to try it out.
I don't know why that is. Maybe because I'm playing it safe or want to see how everyone else is wearing it and steal borrow some ideas.
Maybe I've been inspired by these ladies here, here, here and here. And many more.
Whatever the reason is, I've hopped on the black-and-white-all-over train and loving it.
It's such a classy way to dress any of the clothes up. Who doesn't own black and pumps and some sort of white top? It's the easiest look to put together and probably my favorite.
Have a great day!
Thanks for reading!

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May 20, 2013

Sunshine In The Sky

top: Old Navy (similar),  pants: Target,  flats: J.Crew (similar),  bag: Kate Spade (via TJMaxx), glasses: DKNY 
When I was a young girl, I wasn't very... ummm... stylish. I didn't like cords. I didn't think that black tights looked good. I didn't want to wear blue top with brown pants because I thought it didn't match. Basically, I wasn't into clothes and my mom had to fight with me to put something on. 
Until about 12 years old. Then I discovered boys and pretty shoes. 
One day mom told me something I will remember for the rest of my life - if the color combination is in the nature, then you can wear it. Examples include black and yellow (bumble bee), green and blue (ocean and sky) and pink and red (lilies)
So here is sunshine (yellow shirt) in the sky (blue pants). 
By the way, pattern mixing is not part of my mom's lesson - she's very classic lady but you get it. 
So what's the point of this rambling? Your mom does know something about life and taught you many valuable things. Too bad most of us realize it only when we grow up.
I wish, I listened to my mom more when I was young. I would've been one stylish kiddo. 
Instead I have pictures of myself in black skirt with white tights. I mean, c'mon!
Have a great Monday! 


May 16, 2013

A Little Fluffy

top: Loft, cords: Lands End, heels: Guess, bag: H&M

This post is part of Blog Everyday In May Challenge and although I'm starting kind of late, this is totally relevant and something I have been thinking about for a while. 
Day 16, Thursday: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it

As you may have noticed, after having Jonathan, I've retained some of the baby-weight, a.k.a maternal stores. It's only been 3 months since I gave birth (via C-section) but it just doesn't feel like the weight is coming off fast enough

Right now my lot in life is this slightly over-weight body and all the remnants of big belly (stupid ugly stretch marks). I woutwould go on a diet and start a rigorous workout regime if I wasn't nursing. But when I have to make sure that my baby gets enough to eat, it's a whole different story. 

I'm pretty good at eating healthy, taking long walks with while Jonathan naps in the stroller and avoiding junk food but it's still not happening fast enough. All my pre-pregnancy clothes are safely tucked away in the basement waiting to be released by my newly slimmed down self.

In my mind I do understand that it takes time.
That my body went through a lot.
That it's not healthy to loose weight rapidly.
That some weight loss is better then none.

Then I look at myself in the mirror. 
Emotions come rushing in and I'm filled with sadness and disappointment.

Then there was yesterday. Yesterday was different 
 I step on the scale and there it is - the number has finally moved in the downward direction. 
YAY! I think I jumped and checked it twice. It's true.

I'm consciously thinking about every single thing I eat and make myself go the extra few steps, while skipping whipped cream at Starbucks, and it's FINALLY paying off! 

Nobody said that it's easy. I'm not one of those girls who gives birth and five minutes late she's in her skinny size 0 jeans. I have to work at it. 
It's hard not to hate my body at this stage and not to throw into towel only because I don't see immediate results.
It's hard to pass up on that dessert when everyone is having some.
It's hard switching from regular to almond milk. Still debating if it's worth it.
It's hard getting my butt out of the bed and out the door when it's hot/cold/windy. Trust me, there is always an excuse not to exercise.

But one thing I know, it's ALL going to be totally worth it when I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. 
And although right now, I'm not in the best shape, I'm happy to say that I'm doing everything in my power to get there. And one day soon I will. 

May 15, 2013

A Day In a Life

top: TJMaxx, jeans: Forever21, shoes Guess, necklace: Sharlotte Russe, bag: Target
A typical day in a mother's life is far from boring. (I don't like the terms 'stay-at-home' or 'working' mom because it implies that a mother who doesn't have a job outside of home does not work. Lemme tell you something - having a baby is like two full times jobs. Ask any first-time mama)

If you try to have routine and go by schedule, babies make it their goal in life to mess with ya. Babies are people and, just like us, have good and bad days. So a typical day may go something like this.
Starting with the night before, I usually go to bed after Jonathan's midnight feeding. The next morning he wakes up anywhere between 6am and 8am. After I change and nurse him, we share the bed for a quick nap (since most days daddy is at work). When Jonathan is finally awake, he wants to play and talk as he gazes into  my eyes, making googly sounds. This is our special time and I love every second of it.

Around 9ish we make our way to the kitchen (usually still in PJs) and make breakfast - egg whites on English muffin with a tall glass of OJ. Then Jonathan has his tummy time, as I eat breakfast and read a devotional. Getting dressed, hair and make up is usually done sometime before lunch.
Next I usually sit down for an hour (or two) of blogging, editing photos and catching up on posts, find local deals and clip coupons. If the weather allows, we take a walk, go to the park or hit the mall, and do grocery shopping. Clean up the house, do laundry and other household tasks, if needed.

Next thing you know, it's almost 5 o'clock and time to think about dinner. Hubby never comes home at the same time, so it's a little hard to plan dinner to be ready at certain time.
When hubby gets home, he plays, changes and spends time with Jonathan as I get dinner on the table. After dinner we may watch a little TV or just do our own things, as Jonathan enjoys his time in the swing. 
Then before going to sleep, we may give Jonathan a bath, then the bottle and I put him down. Before hitting the sack, I schedule and check over my post for the morning and catch up on e-mails, Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Then it's time to catch some Zzzzzzs before baby wakes up and it starts all over again.
***All this is interspersed with every 2-3 hour nursing, that takes anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, occasional crying and constant diaper changing. 
And that's a day in my life.

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May 9, 2013

Everyday Life

tee: H&M, pants: Target, necklace: Burlington Coat Factory, clutch: TJMAxx, shoes Vince Camuto
Everyday life gets boring.
 Its mundane existence sometimes just drags between grocery shopping, running errands, working and making dinners. 
But then there are days when you realize how fast the time is going. One day you wake up and you are married, with a fancy college degree (that gave you a fancy student loan) and have a baby to take care of. Then you decide to make the most every moment of every day. That lasts about a day until the mundane and the boring gets to ya. And the cycle repeats.
But what's different now is that this new life that you brought into this world has forever changed everything. Seriously! Life is never dull anymore, it's full of glorious ups and downs. 
Every day is never boring. Ever again.  

May 6, 2013

Long Awaited Spring

top TJMaxx, skirt: Thrfted, shoes: Forever21, necklace: Macy's, clutch: H&M

I'm so happy to report that the New York State has caught on to the idea that it's spring! And it's absolutely stunning! The beautiful flowers in bloom, the gorgeous trees budding with tender green leaves and absolutely every kind of bird is out there at 5am singing its harmonious song (and not letting me sleep). I'm loving it! I feel like this winter was so long and I have waited for sunshine my entire life. 
We (Jonathan and I) are talking long strolls in the park, taking in the scenery, lounging in the backyard and doing everything possible to spend as much time outside as possible. 
He is loving the sun. And the kids love him. He's like a magnet for every little girl out there - they just want to touch him, kiss him and just plain eat him up. I mean, who wouldn't? Such a heart breaker already!
And because this week it's going to be roasting hot, we are planning on baking out on the sun until 'medium well', or maybe even 'well done'. Well, more like me baking and Jonathan enjoying the cool shade and breeze. This guys has got it made! 
Have a Happy Monday! 

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April 30, 2013

The Thing

blouse: Target  (sold out), jeans & shoes: Forever21, necklacePretty Mints
So every so often in the fashion world there is a 'thing' that everyone (and I mean everyone) is wearing. This season, and I think a few summers already, it's mint. 
Oh yeah, and ombre. And florals. I mean, you get the point.
So mint. It's 'the thing' to wear these days and you can't open an outfit post without seeing some form of it. 
It's such a pretty color and hard not to get on the 'everything under the sun mint' wagon. There are even businesses starting up with the mint in them (my necklace?). 
Well, when I saw ombre mint (two in one!) necklace, I fell in love immediately and bought it. 
Never looked back since!
Check out how many mint things are out there. They even made mint socks! Ha!
So enjoy this minty fresh outfit and have a great day!

pleated poppy

April 29, 2013


top: Forever21, skirt: JCPenny, shoes: BCBGirls, bag: Kate Spade NY, 
I'm  really tired. 
You know when you are tired and all you can think of is hitting that pillow? 
Well, this is it.
But it's the good kind of tired, knowing a lot was accomplished and planned ahead, so that later on, I can be less tired. If that's going to be ever possible.
Also it's the feeling of not enough sleep, and busy weekend.
Although, that sunshine sure made it all worthwhile. 
And just to let you know, a quick nap on my freshly sprung green lawn was amazing! 
So I'm off to enjoy my delicious homemade breakfast (hubby is home this morning) which includes French Toast, egg casserole, bacon and sausage. So maybe that's why I'm tired? Yep that must be it.
Although I'm not too tired for another piece of toast.
Have yourself a nice day!

April 26, 2013

Casual Mommyform

top: Old Navy (similar), cords: Land's End, flats: Target, tote: Gap
Since becoming a mom, flats, cords (love those things) and easy-to-throw-on tops, that give easy access to merchandise,  have become kind of my thing. Especially if I have a million places to go to. 
Between groceries, dry cleaners, bank and post office it's a lot of times in and out of the car WITH the car seat. I have to get out of the car, take the car seat out, haul it with me, come back, put the seat back, all while making sure Jonathan is not too hot or cold. 
You mommies out there know the drill. 
So as you can tell, heels have become more of a Sunday thing - going to church all dressed up while hubby carries the stupid thing. 
Jonathan is growing fast and it's already hard for me to get up two flights of stairs from the garage to our main floor, with my purse and his diaper bag. (I actually consolidated the two recently) 
 Thankfully, places like Old Navy, Forever21 and Target are selling some cute flats and clothes that I don't have to worry about being too neat (i'm still a perfectionist and a neat freak).
So here I go sporting my mommyform, conveniently having nowhere to go today. 
Wait, I think I need stamps.
Have yourself a great weekend!

April 17, 2013

Polka In The Rain

dress: thrifted (similar), boots: Old Navy (similar), necklace: Sharlotte Russe (similar)
Yesterday two things happened. I was finally able to wear my rain boots and I've learned to blog/type with one hand while holding a baby.
First I have been waiting for the right moment to wear this outfit that I put together weeks ago. You see, it needed to be wet enough for rain boots but warm enough for a dress. It was a perfect humid 60 degrees and I actually had somewhere to go. And although hubby is not a fan of these boots (when I say not a fan, I mean he crindges and rolls his eyes every time I wear them) he graciously agreed to take the outfit photos. Such a sweet guy.
Second, as I was editing the pictures, Jonathan refused to stay in his bouncy seat. So I was rocking him to sleep with one hand and typing with the other. Multitasking at its finest. 
So enjoy the weather and make the most of it. 

pleated poppy