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March 26, 2015

All Pink

top: Lord & Taylor (similar here and here), jeans: Nordstrom, heels: Target (on sale!),  clutch: DIY Tutorial, watch: Fossil, sunnies: Kate Spade
Hope you had a great week! We are finally out of the woods and no one is sick anymore. Getting lots of things done, painting and decorating our new living room and dining room. Can't wait to show you guys the final results (hopefully that will happen in my lifetime haha)! 

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February 18, 2015

Nordstrom Clearance Sale

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I finally got to browse the Nordstrom Clearance sale yesterday. Although there are many items that already sold out, there are still things available. The leopard pumps are absolutely gorgeous and I love the dark gold watch. How about this pretty floral bathing suit? Also that leopard scarf would be a great addition to any outfit and make it go from drab to fab! I hope you find something you need while the sale is going on and the supplies last.

xo, Anna

January 26, 2015


blouse: J.Crew (similar)
jeans: J.Crew
bag: Kate Spade
watch: Fossil
booties: similar (also love these)

This is as simple and basic as it gets around here. I stole this blouse from my mom because duh, why didn't I buy it when it was on sale? I love how soft pink is perfect with the jeans and grey, also did I mention it has room for growth? Sorry mom, but I think this one will just have to stay over in my closet for a little while. 

Have a great Monday! 

xo, Anna

July 19, 2013

Three Things

hat: Target
shoes: Kate Spade (similar here or here)
Happy Friday lovelies!
I have a couple of things that I need to share.
One. I feel like a superwoman with some sexy super powers when I wear this dress. Only because every time I put it on, I have to tell hubby not to get any ideas. Or why not? ;)

Two. Target is my favorite store, can you tell? Yep! The store isn't paying me to say this but they have been stepping up their game lately. Three out of four articles of clothing in this outfit are from Target because they are stylish and affordable. 

Three. I'm in love with my new shoes. Hubby actually found them for me on a major sale during our last shopping trip. They are super duper comfy and go with everything. And when I say everything, I mean, EVERYTHING, so you will be seeing a lot more of them, that I'm sure.
Here is to a great weekend! 
Thank you for stopping by! 

June 26, 2013


t-shirt: Target
skirt: vintage (similar)
belts: Target
shoes: Aldo (similar)
bag: Kate Spade
bracelet: J.Crew
I have never experienced such a crazy weather as we had here in upstate New York in the last few week, my whole entire life.
The day usually starts with gorgeous sunshine and cloudless sky. Then by the afternoon you can hear the thunder approaching and by early evening (or earlier) it's pouring. I mean, it looks like someone pouring buckets and buckets of water out on the ground. 
Then it's hailing, thundering and lightning for couple of hours. When it all stops, the sun comes out and it's super humid out.
”The”The In fact, it is so humid out that the minute we get outside to take the outfit photos, the lens fogs up and the pictures come out all hazy. But it turns out, hazy is the new awesome because I love the feel of these photos. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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May 20, 2013

Sunshine In The Sky

top: Old Navy (similar),  pants: Target,  flats: J.Crew (similar),  bag: Kate Spade (via TJMaxx), glasses: DKNY 
When I was a young girl, I wasn't very... ummm... stylish. I didn't like cords. I didn't think that black tights looked good. I didn't want to wear blue top with brown pants because I thought it didn't match. Basically, I wasn't into clothes and my mom had to fight with me to put something on. 
Until about 12 years old. Then I discovered boys and pretty shoes. 
One day mom told me something I will remember for the rest of my life - if the color combination is in the nature, then you can wear it. Examples include black and yellow (bumble bee), green and blue (ocean and sky) and pink and red (lilies)
So here is sunshine (yellow shirt) in the sky (blue pants). 
By the way, pattern mixing is not part of my mom's lesson - she's very classic lady but you get it. 
So what's the point of this rambling? Your mom does know something about life and taught you many valuable things. Too bad most of us realize it only when we grow up.
I wish, I listened to my mom more when I was young. I would've been one stylish kiddo. 
Instead I have pictures of myself in black skirt with white tights. I mean, c'mon!
Have a great Monday! 


April 29, 2013


top: Forever21, skirt: JCPenny, shoes: BCBGirls, bag: Kate Spade NY, 
I'm  really tired. 
You know when you are tired and all you can think of is hitting that pillow? 
Well, this is it.
But it's the good kind of tired, knowing a lot was accomplished and planned ahead, so that later on, I can be less tired. If that's going to be ever possible.
Also it's the feeling of not enough sleep, and busy weekend.
Although, that sunshine sure made it all worthwhile. 
And just to let you know, a quick nap on my freshly sprung green lawn was amazing! 
So I'm off to enjoy my delicious homemade breakfast (hubby is home this morning) which includes French Toast, egg casserole, bacon and sausage. So maybe that's why I'm tired? Yep that must be it.
Although I'm not too tired for another piece of toast.
Have yourself a nice day!

April 18, 2013


top: Gap (similar), skirt: J.Crew, shoes: Aldo (similar), bag: Kate Spade NY ,

How beautiful you think you are?
What do you think of your appearances?
If someone asked you to describe yourself to a blind person, what would be the image in his mind? 
Would it be an image of a beautiful person, so someone unattractive? 
Our perception of beauty is so distorted, thanks to Victoria Secret ads. If only we knew the amount of work it takes to make those women look like that, we would be shocked. 
On some level we do know that the magazine covers, fashion shows and billboard ads have been digitally altered to look like that but who said that computer-produced image of a woman is true beauty?
This  video is a real eye-opener to us as women. Honestly, the amount of self-destructive thinking and negative attitude that we have, it's really amazing we think anything of ourselves at all.
 Beauty really does come from the inside because if you think that you are unattractive, others will you see that way. 
We are beautiful because we are real. Real women with real bodies and real lives. 
Don't forget to love yourself and channel that inner beauty for the world to see. 
"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde 

April 5, 2013

5Days5Ways: Day 5

Being Creative: Day 5

top: American Eagle, skirt: J.Crew, shoes: Tahari, bag: Kate Spade NY, necklace: NY&Co
Whew! For some reason this week is going by at about 90 pmh. It's already Friday and I feel like Monday was just here. And it's not the good kind of feeling 'yay! Friday is here' but 'what? it's already Friday?'
 It's not that I'm terribly busy (I think), as much as you can be with an infant, but time just seems to fly by.
Sunshine and longer days are really motivating me to do a lot more. Get outside, clean the garage, organize all the boxes from the move, finally put away my winter clothes, take out my pretty spring wreath and hang it on the front door, hang up family pictures and decorate our bare walls. 
There is just so much to do and I'm itching to start.
You see, I'm a perfectionist so either I do it exactly the way I want or I just don't do it at all. 
So that's why you will either see a spotless and perfectly neat garage/closet/kitchen/basement or there is an absolute mess. I don't do things half way - it's either all or nothings. 
Tomorrow I'm doing it all. 
Welcome spring!
Are ya here to stay?

April 1, 2013

5Days5Ways: Day1

Being Creative: Day 1

top: Loft, skirt: J.Crew, shoes: Ann Taylor, necklace: NY&Co, bag: Kate Spade NY
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.
I have been a little challenged in my closet with my postpartum body. It's hard to find clothes that fit with the little bit of belly I have left and little more of booty. I have a few pieces that fit right now but don't want to get a whole new wardrobe just for this transitional stage, because I am planning on loosing the extra poundage. 
I am very optimistic. 
But right now I still have to get dressed and be creative with the few clothes that fit my bum. 
So here is a challenge: take a piece of clothing and using other pieces from my wardrobe to create 5 outfits. That's five days taken care of! And although I don't like to have so few pieces to work with, it's challenging me to think creatively. Plus re-discovering clothes that I put away before my last trimester is like shopping all over again. And I don't spend a single cent. 
Here is to being creative with what you've got!
Day 1.

March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

top: Loft, cords: J.Crew, scarf: Target, bag: Kate Spade NY, boots: Old Navy

No wise words, smart or quirky remarks today just wishing you a...
Happy Easter! 
And remember that it's not about the chocolate bunny, or the Easter baskets or the egg hunt.
It's the joyous occasion of the Resurrection of Jesus! 
Enjoy time with family and friends!

March 11, 2013


top: Target, skirt: thrifted, shoes: Tahari, necklace: Sharlotte Russe, 
belt, glasses: Loft, bag: Kate Spade NY

Yesterday was the second time we took Jonathan to church. He loved it - sleeping the car seat the entire time. Who wouldn't? He was snuggled in his penguin suit with the matching hat, covered with a blankey and a cover for the outside and quickly became most popular kid on the block. I mean, he is the cutest
Yet somehow, 'he wasn't warm enough' according to some.
There isn't one way to raise a kid. All advice isn't good. And only because another mother did it this way does not mean I have to follow. 
It may sound selfish, but I want to do it my way. 
I may not know everything, I don't have the years of experience but what I do have is mother's instinct. 
There are so many people (I mean, like everyone) offering advice. 
He's crying - must be you didn't feed him enough. Don't do the schedule thing, just give him boob every time.
He's crying again - tummy hurts so give him some water.
Again - don't rock him, he will get used to it.
And again - he's just plain cold (favorite of Russians).
Everyone has some kind of advice to offer and only because they raised couple kids and did something and it worked for them, it does not mean it will work for me
I really do like good advice. I listen. I take it all in. Only I decide what's good for me and what isn't. 
It's a right I reserve for myself as a mother.
Because mother knows best