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March 9, 2015

Pink Floral

dress: LOFT , coat: Target (similar herehere, here *on sale*), clutch: here,
booties: Old Navy (similar), watch: Kate Spade

If you seen Monster-In-Law movie, you know there a scene where the assistant gets totally fed up with the mother and she gives her a pieces of her mind. (watch trailer/movie here for clarification). Well, I feel exactly like that about the whole winter business. Notice mountains of snow around me? There is no where to escape as we are trapped in an ice age. Above 30F seems like a dream and hopefully we will be getting some sun this week. Although, I will believe it when I see it. In the mean time, I'm recovering from a nasty cold (which I successfully avoided all winter to catch in March. yeah.). If anyone is packaging sun and selling it online, I will take a whole bucket full please. 


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xo, Anna

March 4, 2015

Floral Pop

top: Sheinside (under $10), cardigan: Target, scarf: similar here (on sale!) & here,
jeans: J.Crew, bag: Kate Spade, booties: similar here & here, watch: Kate Spade (on sale!)
I'm so sick and tired of winter that I'm protesting the latest snow storm with (almost) spring outfit. Bright colors and gorgeous florals are asking to come out of my closet! I cannot wait for this snow to melt and cold to go away. On that note, never mind me while I get sick after taking these outfit photos in negative temperatures. Don't tell my mom. Also, don't let me do it again. Hope you are having a great week!

Here are some of my most glam and dreamy picks!

xo, Anna

February 15, 2015

Denim x Denim

coat: LOFT (similar, love this one), jeans: J.Crew,  chambray: LOFT,
booties: Liz Clairborne (similarsimilar), bag: Ralph Lauren
So you thought you knew what cold was before right? Nope, not really. It's so cold here today that pretty much all activities are cancelled. Okay, are you ready? It's -40F with windchill in upstate New York tonight. I'm thankful for a warm and cozy house, for my dear family and my little birthday boy. Instead of complaining how cold it is, I'm choosing to focus on the good things that winter brings. Like sitting on the couch and catching up with my favorite show (I can barely keep up with one) and drinking hot tea. Oh yeah, and finishing up last of the birthday cupcakes. Now that's the life!
Hope you are having a good start to your week!

xo, Anna

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February 11, 2015

Pink Valentine's Day Look

skirt: J.Crew (similar on sale!!!)
blouse: J.Crew (similar)
shoes: similar
bag: ALDO (similar)
watch: Kate Spade
Very seldom do I wear pink but when I do, I go all out (obviously). As much as red is Valentine's day color, I love playing with pink. Red is a classic but pink looks so chic and girly, I think. What are you doing for Valentine's Day? We always made it a point to avoid crowds and stay in on the 14th but then we would go out the following week. Let's face it, crowds are obnoxious, service is horrible and prices are outrageous (for all those specials). This time we are going out earlier to celebrate and just be together. Then this mama has to hustle to get everything ready for my son's birthday party. It's a busy week. 

P.S. 16 week pooch has showed up on the scene and I can't say I like this stage. I don't really have a bump and just look like I over ate. Haha. But bear with me, since I can't exactly suck it in;)

hair clip // bralette // midi skirt // bracelet // bow blouse 
TOMS // floral skirt // pumps

Thank you for stopping by!

xo, Anna

February 10, 2015

Floral Valentine's Day Look

dress: Lord & Taylor (similar, similar)
heels: Zara (similar)
clutch: Target
watch: FOSSIL
Nothing pleases the eye more than a gorgeous dress! My man always pays me tons of compliments for sexy, yet classy outfits. This Valentine's day is no exception and I hope the snow and chill will be bearable by Friday night because this dress is calling my name! 
Also, shoes! The shoes complete an outfit and without a killer pair. whatever suits your style, you don't have a gorgeous outfit. So here I have a selection of my favorite RED shoes for every taste.  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!
xo, Anna

February 8, 2015

Red Valentine's Day Look

skirt: LOFT (similar here and here)
top: Forever21 (similar here & here)
booties: Ann Taylor (here & here)
scarf: Target
clutch: Target
watch: FOSSIL (on sale!!!)
I'm not sure if this outfit looks more Christmas-y or Valentine's Day-ish. I was trying to go with red and black but somehow this scarf makes me think Christmas. I know that every year for V-day I try to wear something like a killer LBD that hugs my bod in all the right places or skinny jeans with a liiiiiitle lower cut top. It's a treat for the hubs after all. But I think this year I will be bundling up with something warm like this scarf and extra thick fleece-lined tights. Geese Louise it's cold here! I hope you are getting your red on this weekend and I have a few more V-day inspired outfits coming your way. Have you thought of any romantic gestures yet? Are you staying in or going our to celebrate the day of love?

Thank you for stopping by.
xo, Anna

January 27, 2015

The Issue of Leggings

cardi: Target
top: LOFT
leggings: Gap
bag: Kate Spade
heels: Zara (similar)
watch: Fossil
In these pictures I'm wearing leggings. GASP! After this post by a Christian blogger who made a personal vow not to ever wear leggings, entire web has exploded with controversy over the issue. There all kinds of responses to the post and even Good Morning America interview. I mean, seriously? A little too much I think. 

Well, after thinking much about it and examining my own views, I decided to share. This post seemed to have been centered around an item of clothing, not the issue of modesty. She shared that her husband's eye were drawn to women's bottoms more when they were wearing leggings. So to honor God and her husband she set off to never wear leggings to not be a temptation. Good cause right? Right. 

If my husband would tell me that his eyes are drawn to a woman's bottom when she wears a tight fitting dress, I will not stop wearing dresses. The same thing for jeans, pants and skirts. You can find really immodest and risqué item of clothing in any department. Granted, when some women wear tights-like leggings which show every detail of their undergarments, it's very inappropriate. And I'm totally against that but I'm not going to say I'm against leggings, or skinny jeans or what not. Some skinny jeans are even more seductive than some leggings. 

The conversation should not be about an item of clothing but immodest apparel in general and that's a wide range of clothing. Also it depends on individual's definition of modesty and their personal relationship with Christ. In the end, if you are convicted as a Christian not to wear something, then don't. Just don't make it seem like people who do wear those items aren't modest. I wear leggings but they are very thick and I always wear longer sweaters or cardigans with them. 

Modesty is a matter of personal relationship with Christ. This article received this much controversy because a lot of people don't see leggings immodest or just don't have modesty standards. That's why we should be talking about a heart issue in our society and not a legging issue. She doesn't have to wear leggings to be seductive. A tight fitting silk dress with high heels will draw more attention than leggings in most cases. Let's be real here. Modesty is only important to us and God when we're doing it from the heart and not just following rules because we have to.

What do you ladies think? I would love to hear your opinion on this.

xo, Anna