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October 1, 2013

One Heart

 MUNCHKIN #1                     +                         MUNCHKIN #2



Over the weekend hubby and I (finally!) got a chance to get away from the daily grind. It was a long awaited but short-lived vacation that we both very much needed. 
One thing I did not expect is to miss my baby so much. 
This little munchkin of mine completely stole my heart. 

My sister was gracious enough to watch Jonathan and, although I trust her completely, I was anxious. The night before we were supposed to leave, I couldn't sleep, was super worried and doubting the entire idea.
 I honestly did not think it was going to be this difficult to leave him behind. For just one night, mind you.

I've read countless stories of mothers who had to leave their child over night (or two) and how they were driving away in tears. I thought that those mothers were taking it a tad too far. Why wouldn't you want to leave your kid somewhere to escape for couple of days? 
You do. Really. You need to.
But when it comes time to leave, you doubt and feel guilty and just about to cry. 

You brought the little munchkin into the world and that heart is a huge part of you.
No matter where, no matter how far away, he will forever and always be with you.
He's a little part of both of us.

Who do you think he looks like?

August 16, 2013

Glimmerglass Queens (and a Prince)

Last weekend my sister, mom and NkI headed out for a gals (and kids) day out. We took a boat ride and strolled through the streets of one of the prettiest towns in Upstate New York. It was a gorgeous day for being outside and exploring, having some delicious bakery and watching the kids' reaction to water. Here is our day in recap.
Jonathan slept through half the boat ride, then attracted every grandma on the boat with his adorable smile.
Must be nice.
My mom, niece, sister, Jonathan and I (love his look)
We barely made it to our first ever boat ride. It was pretty awesome.
All hands on deck. Or in the mouth.
My niece rocking the rich and snobby look.
Must pose for outfit picture.
Must pose for outfit picture #2

Cool old fashioned theater turned into a store. Fo' shame.
There is something behind the closed gate.
Apparently this guy is famous. 
The architecture in the old town is always very romantic.
Have a great weekend!

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October 8, 2012

Think Again

We enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and gorgeous view while out for a walk.
Isn't this absolutely magnificent? 

People just don't know that being pregnant makes you that much more sensitive to the remarks they make.
First of all, yes, I know I'm showing. You do not need to reiterate that with "Wow! you are getting big". Seriously, you don't think I know that my narrow waist is gone and I can do nothing about it? You don't think I check myself in the mirror? Well, think again.
Next, do not predict the size of my child by looking at me. Do not tell me that I'm going to get huge with the way things are going. Again, think.
Do not tell me that my stomach is squishy and soft, if I let you touch it. Thanks a lot. I know that I'm a big blob of gushy mess. Just don't say it.
Lastly, the only thing you can say to a pregnant woman is that she is glowing
Tell her that she is carrying very well and that her child is going to be so lucky to have her as a mom.
So next time you want to say something less than absolutely one hundred percent positive and reassuring to  to a pregnant woman, think again.

July 26, 2012

It's Really Sweet

I love traveling and visiting, being the guest in the house and having the many invites over people's houses. 
Yet, there is nothing better then home! I breathed a sigh of relief when I landed on American soil and it was a sweet reunion. I have had the best welcome back from my hubby - no really, I'm that wife. You know the one with the most amazing husband? Well, me again! He French Onion Soup for dinner and Creme Brulee for dessert, cleaned the house and actually washed the bed sheets! I love this guy like a lot...
Enough about the lovey dovey stuff.
On more unpleasant note, I do not like flying any more. Three flights in 22 hours is just absolutely ridiculous and I was dead tired when I finally made it to the car. Countless security points, luggage checks and other airport stuff just doesn't make me want to go anywhere. Really. I don't know how people travel for living - I wouldn't be able to do it.
Enough about annoying stuff.
Funny story. My last domestic flight was overbooked and they were looking for a volunteer to wait for the next plane for about 4 hours with $500 credit good towards any flight in the world. No one wanted to be left behind, so after announcing it about a hundred times, the speaker said that they will start removing people by force. Just think about it, they overbooked the flight and I have to get off the plane? Well, all I said is they are going to have to apply a lot of force to remove me from the plane because baby, I'm going home! 
About good things we have here.
Our apartment, at one time seemed small and outdated, looks very polished and spacious comparing to the space people live in over seas. We are spoiled and don't know it. 
So today, I'm ever so grateful! 

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July 19, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised

The lady with the umbrella and I.
The Hotel Minsk
My gorgeous cousin and I
The alley above the underground mall completed with fountains and glass domes
Blinchiki are the Russian version of crepes but better. These are served with blueberry preserves
The decor was amazing! Done to resonate with the old Russian house with all its quirks 
Can you tell I'm enjoying my food like a lot? 
Minsk is the capitol of Belarus, the biggest city in the country and pretty much the center of everything that there is in this little country in the middle of Europe. It's like a mini version of New York City but with pretty much the same prices (comparing salary and standard of living wise). 
It was cold and gloomy but we (my cousin was showing me around) made the most of it. Apart from the signs being in Russian and a different currency, walking through an underground mall for couple of hours felt like home away from home. And it was as expensive as home too. Honestly, I don't know how people live, eat and dress here - it's literally crazy expensive for them. 
We had a great time buying souvenirs, Belarusian candy, going out to eat and buying more presents. The going out to eat  part was the best. I didn't expect to have such nice facilities and great food but yes, the era of cold war is over and Minsk is living up to the best European standards. The city is spotless, there are blooming flower beds and baskets everywhere and the people are actually nice. Yes, you heard it right. Honestly, we might go back for another trip through the city just admiring old architecture and visiting a museum. 
I hope you guys are having a great week, although you are not visiting one of the oldest cities in eastern Europe. 

P.S. Thanks for reading!

July 17, 2012

Not Doing Much

Comfy clothes are my go-to as miles of walking aren't going to go well with heels.
Jeans, flats and t-shirt with cardigan is the perfect ensemble for the ever changing weather. 
We get so used to working and doing things that it's hard to get into vacation mode. We dream about not doing nothing but when it comes to it - doing nothing isn't that easy. You have to tell yourself that laying in bed until 10am is OK, watching some cheesy movies for hours on end is just fine and going out to eat all the time is plain awesome. 
Well, it's been a challenge to change up gears and get into vacation mode but finally I've arrived. Doing nothing all day except going shopping, going out and hanging out with family. It's absolutely fabulous! Buying presents for family, treating cousins to ice cream and taking pictures in the central alley. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the capital city and going to do more of the same. 
I hope you guys are taking a vacation this summer and enjoying yourself. 

July 15, 2012

I'm Back Baby

After a long pause, I'm finally back into the world of technology and Internet connection. Although, I must say that camping for a week is kind of fun. Living in camping conditions - not so much. I left civilized world unexpectedly on Monday morning and just returned. It was great seeing my grandparents and spending a whole week reminiscencing and asking my grandmother about my ancestors. I didn't know half of the stuff she told me - I love finding out where I come from. There are people in my family tree with some interesting professions and lives. So my trip continues as I spend another week with my cousins - going shopping and having fun. Tonight I'm treating my whole extended family to pizza which is going to be lots of fun. 

July 4, 2012

It's Different Over Here

My aunt has a gorgeous garden of lillies! Aren't they pure delight to look at?
They are dressed up better then any fashioista in the world!
As many of you know, I haven't been this side of the world for almost a decade. And the more you forget the reality, the more you embrace the romanticized memories, which are going to 'get real' very soon. 
From the moment I stepped my foot onto Belarus soil, it was a reminder of the different type of life. People here are hardened by life and just tough all over. They also don't apologize for the lack of softness. 
Going through passport control, there were absolutely no signs telling me to go and buy obligatory health insurance first, then get in line for passport check. So I'm standing in a mile long line waiting for my turn (also there are people waiting  for me outside the gate) then approaching the window, I'm told to buy the insurance and come back. 
The insurance kiosk is on the second floor and there is no escalator or elevator. Now I'm just mad! I have to haul my 27 lb carry on up the stairs and then come back to stand through another long line. Lovely! But thank you Lord the process went smooth after that, I got my luggage, had nothing to declare and was free to go!
 That was the beginning of my adventure... 
And also, the time difference is killing me - it's 6 am local time and I'm wide awake with like a million of crows outside my window. 
Although, the weather is nice - hot during the day (in upper 80s) and cool during the night. Very lovely and so absolutely peaceful. 
Hope you had fun Fourth of July!

July 3, 2012


top: H&M, pants: LOFT, shoes: Guess, belt: Target
This is not the outfit I am traveling in, but it's the last interesting clothes I wore before tucking everything away. Today I have my jeans and t-shirt on with sweater - nothing interesting... Just comfy cozy clothes for 22 hour trip. I will talk to you on the other side.
Don't have too much fun without me!
Thanks for reading!