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August 24, 2015

Neon Fit & Flare

sunglasses: Choies c/o (real deal)
sandals: BCBG (similar here)

Welcome to another week! Postpartum dressing is difficult, especially for church and special occasions. With nursing and still having a little bit of belly, most of my clothing fits a little weird. I can zip up my jeans but have all that loose skin hanging out on top. All you mamas know what I mean, right?  
If you notice, this dress is not nursing friendly at all. My plan was to nurse Abbie right before church and then right after we got home. It didn't work out quite like that. Right on queue, two hours after I fed her, she was up and my milk let down. Fun times!  So I had to invent new ways to feed her while keeping the dress on (thank God there was a private room in church). I will have to rethink my dress choice next Sunday ha! Do any of you have any tips for postpartum body dressing? 
Hope you are having a good day and thanks for stopping by!

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August 19, 2015

Dress for Less {White Lace Fit & Flare Dress}

LOOK 1 (for less) - watch, dress, pumps, bag

LOOK 2 (to impress)- watch, dress, pumps, bag

Shopping for designer look-a-likes is something I love to do. To be honest, I wouldn't know what to do with a $2k bag. I think I would put it under a glass bowl and not let anyone touch it, let alone wear it. ha! Here are some great steals that are a lot less than the real deal, but still look amazing! Hope you have a great Wednesday! 

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March 3, 2015

Designer Look Alike For Less

Who hasn't drooled over the Valentino rock stud trend? Sure the fashion house has made every single accessory item with rock studs but it doesn't seem to slow down. From the previous fascination with Rock Stud Heels we have  jumped into bags. Or maybe I'm just catching up with the times. In any case, if you have been drooling over the studded bags but cannot bite the price tag, here are some alternative options for you. All at a (very) reasonable price.

This Prada Tote has been on my Wishlist for a while. That is why when I saw a very similar in structure bag by Ralph Lauren, I knew I had to have it. It's a classic with a thick leather and solid design that won't go out of style. I have not had a purchase that I loved so much and that fit my personal style so well. I have worn it more than I can count! A brown satchel/tote is a must in any girl's closet. And if you are aiming at the lowest end of the spectrum, Target is always happy to provide cheap alternative ($34). 

I saved the best for last - the shoes. Who hasn't admired these heels by Valentino? Who didn't ever think about one day buying them? Well, guilty as charged. Here are some affordable alternatives that will make other fashionistas turn their heads. Snatch them up before they are gone! 


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Enjoy the shopping!
xo, Anna

December 11, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide {FOR HIM}

Power Tools/Hand Tools: 1, 2, 3
Men like working with their hands, and it doesn't matter if he's handy or not, a power tool will make him feel manly. Maybe he will even finish that project you were asking him about. 

Shaving Accessories: 4, 5, 6
There is nothing worse than getting an awful shave and bleeding afterwards. My husband has a very sensitive skin so getting the shave right is very important part of his routine. Right kind of tools make that task a lot easier.

A watch: 7, 8, 9
Men don't wear accessories and the only one they do should stand out in the crowd. Surprise him with a great looking watch he would never buy for himself. 

Electronics: 10, 11, 12 
What guy doesn't like to play with these fun (grown-up) toys?

This time of year is especially difficult for us ladies, who are trying to get a gift for the men in their lives. I think, girls are easier to get gifts for - a handbag, spa certificates, perfume, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry are all acceptable choices. We like to feel special and although sometimes we are picky, there are tons of options. 
Men on the other hand, have very limited selection of gifts. So here is a gift guide, brought to you by the 'down-to-earth' dude. I asked my husband to name a few things he would love to get for Christmas and this is what I got. And he also said absolutely no shirt and tie under the Christmas tree. Got it sir.
I hope you are having a great time this holiday season and enjoying time with family.
Thank you for stopping by!

November 19, 2014

Feeling Blue

dress // blouse // tote // pumps // sunnies // watch // bracelet 

I'm a fan of remixing and wearing my clothes lots of different ways. Believe it or not, when I was planning this outfit, blue seemed the way to go. Although it looks monotone, I love the cohesive look of one piece.
It's really cold outside and I'm on the verge of abandoning outfit photos (again). I mean seriously! I get ready in the car, then jump out, pose for 2 minutes and jump back in. A huge thanks goes to my sister who is (still) willing to take my pictures.

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